Success and Failure always go hand in hand

I’ve had to learn as I’ve gotten older that if you want to succeed, you need to experience failure. You must understand the feeling of all the pressure on yourself and use it as a motivation to continue to conquer the peak of your glory. Once we embark on something, if there is a failure, we should try to turn it into a success, no matter if we have to start again. I also failed many times in life and work. For the sake of my family for the future, I have to try again from zero. I don’t see failure as a negative anymore. It’s part of my motivation!

Success or failure is only a small part of life, not the person who decides the whole life. There are many more important things, only unfortunately everyone’s regime for it is different. To the point that it’s about to become the standard for valuing people!

But you know what, we can live twice? Why do we always waste our lives on the feeling of winning or losing. Success or failure is also just a goal to strive for, not something for you to be willing to sacrifice your life or life for.

You cannot give up your whole life because of failure today, nor because success comes so easily that you consider yourself better than others. Don’t let them control your life, but find a way to control them as you please. Success and failure, seeming to be two opposite aspects, but always go hand in hand. Knowing to rise up after failure is a kind of success, and after success but easily giving up, that is failure.

These are the shares of CEO La Ngọc Hưng. Things everyone needs to meet in life. Deadlock, Lost, Pressure will help us move forward in the path of success.