Failure and success are two interconnected phenomena that characterize human life. “Failure is important, possibly more important than success. For one, it teaches us the importance and the meaning of success. Moreover, failure helps us learn, embrace ourselves and become more human. Naturally, our life consists of positive and dark sides that interchange one another. One must not think that failure is a tragedy, because every failure is a part of his experience. When you experience failures, you will appreciate your success more says Saffron Philipben.

“Failure is not fatal, it call be the stepping stone to success, if you call ‘the failure’ to work for you.” “Failures are our best teachers, they are the mirrors who show us our real face. “Every sphere of human life is a constant progress. People work hard to reach their goal. Obviously, when one starts his educational process, he will not be able to learn information and develop his knowledge rapidly. There will be many failures and complications that can seem unbearable to young people. Every successful man fails at some time. Failure-tells you about your weaknesses, shortcomings, lack of preparations, lack of efforts so if you can manage to learn from failures, you will definitely reach where you started out to go.

Making a mistake is not a crime, the ability to learn from it contribute to lasting success. There is always a risk of bankruptcy or reduction of sales. A smart entrepreneur will treat these risks as a good opportunity for further development and reorganization of his firm. He should understand that he has made a mistake that has caused reduction of sales. He will remember it and will change his approach towards business. Extract the lesson to be learnt from failure and try again with redoubled vigor. Facing failure make one strong, more wise and more resolute, spur them on to greatest efforts. There is no failure in truth save from within; unless we are beaten there, wear we are bound to succeed.

Success and failure are two aspects of a coin, such people who can defeat or there are other people who are ready to take a failure as a challenge. To increase the ladder of success, a brave person takes the failures as a challenge. Fate is also in favor of the brave.  All the great men of the world- the religious reformers, the scientists and others were men of great determination. They had to face great obstacles in the fulfillment of their mission. But they persevered relent­lessly and at last they were able to achieve their aim. On life’s journey, everyone has to face struggles, faces and downslide. Obstacles and difficulties should be in your life, but the important thing is how we deal with them. It is the perception of a person who defines during his life. It has been properly commented that “to become a champion, fight another round” This is a tireless pursuit which will lead to success.

When one looks through a biography of a famous personality, one will notice a great number of dark and unhappy sides there. The richest people of our time built their careers from the ground. They took many efforts to master the appropriate skills and knowledge that could help them develop themselves. One must not give up, because failure is always substituted by success. You should be patient, industrious and ambitious and your dreams will come true. When we start becoming successful, we ignore the small mistakes, but when we taste the bitterness of failure, we have the opportunity to stop, think and analyze what went wrong. Contrast that with learning from successes.

Here’s what I think — only success gives confidence and bears more success. It is better to celebrate success and ignore failures. Success gives us real ammunition for the future. When something succeeds, we learn what worked — and we can do it again. And the next time, we’ll probably do it even better.