Spiritually this time in our history is known as the Ascension

Ascension means moving from a lower state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness. I have really thought about what this means to me. 

My belief is that Covid has been divinely orchestrated and that on a Soul Level, each and every one of us chose to be here, on this earth plane, in order to raise the consciousness of the earth, and our own, and to Ascend to a higher vibration. So many systems have not worked in the world for a very long time, the Medical, Political and Educational Systems are  broken, even us not taking care of the Earth is a massive problem and a giant political debate.

In truth, I never really considered all of this so deeply until Covid, and quarantine, which forced us to be vulnerable and gave us the time to reflect on so many things. 

Deep down inside of me, I believe It is part of my souls’ contract, and part of me feels so lucky to be part of this powerful evolution. My soul understands it. Yet the other part wants to understand what I was THINKING when I was agreeing to this soul contract?

On a human level, it is really difficult to reconcile. I feel the devastating loss of many lives, the fear of things never being the same again, my business being so quiet and not being able to provide work for my employees, food, a future, and a safe home for my children. The lawlessness, the abuse of power.

There were moments during quarantine that I felt gripped by fear, which no amount of meditation, positive mantras, calming essential oils and chocolate could soothe. 

I find myself struggling right now with this extreme duality. All the Political, economic, medical and scientific facts that are being constantly thrown at us, with compelling evidence on both sides, which feels like a massive cloud of confusing consciousness that is forcing us to Peel away the duality to really understand what our beliefs truly are. It is so hard to discern what is real and true. If I focus on the fear and the negativity, I find myself being pulled down into a rabbit hole, a negative spiral, which feeds on itself and attracts negative information. 

The same, but opposite, is true of when I focus on love, and ascension. I can feel myself being elevated to a higher vibration. I feel calm and am certain that I am safe.

It is a constant choice which we are being forced to make minute by minute until it becomes a new way of existing. 

There are some moments that I am witness to deep and passionate conversations or arguments, which I feel like I am observing from above, an almost out of body experience. At these moments, I become detached, and stand back as a witness rather than a judge. Not reacting or responding, but rather, just listening from afar. Trying to decide what I believe.

I sometimes watch Lorie Ladd on YouTube, and she says, “Don’t respond to what you see and hear. Go beyond being Democratic or Republican, don’t be afraid. You have a voice; you get to choose what you believe. You are free to do that. What do you choose? Fear or freedom? We always have a choice. Start to critically think. “

This is the time for us to alchemize the negative!!

What is Alchemy?  Definition: Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. An example of using alchemy is a person who takes a pile of scrap metal and turns it into something beautiful. Turning lead into gold.

At this moment in time, we have the choice to alchemize the negative. 

Dying during this time doesn’t scare me, what scares me is dying before I have finished what I came here to do. Not fully completing my souls’ contract, what scares me even more is getting sick, or my children or the people I love getting sick, and the thought of all those people in the hospital not being able to breathe, on ventilators, and dying alone.  

 I always joke with my kids that I want to go to sleep one day when I am old but still healthy, and wake up dead. At this moment in history, living is much harder than dying. We are being called upon to be BRAVE, to be STRONG. To use our voices and CHOOSE LOVE.   

Anyone that is here on this earth right now is feeling this transition and going through their own struggles. Someone said to me that it is like giving birth, painful, but with an incredible result in the end. I choose to believe that something magical is coming, and that We definitely Do always have a choice.  

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