Even the best sleepers among us are tossing and turning in this time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic. But prioritizing good sleep is more important than ever for our mental and physical well-being, studies show. Nick Jonas is one who is trying to help us all ease into a restful night of sleep by reading us a bedtime story — for free.

Jonas’s bedtime story is part of an exclusive new collection of tools and resources being released by Audible to help people get a better night’s sleep during these restless times. Created through a collaboration with Thrive Global, this brand-new original audio slate will be offered for free, beginning on Tuesday April 21st. 

This is not your ordinary bedtime story with a beginning, middle, and end. Rather, it’s a slow, meandering narrative with the end goal of helping people drift off — and can be a great addition to your daily sleep routine. 

Nighttime rituals are an excellent way to wind down from the day and improve your sleep, and Jonas has spoken about how important his evening routine is to him. He also realizes the power of calming audio for helping him get quality rest. “I listen to music, actually, while I’m sleeping,” he revealed to Vanity Fair.  Perhaps listening to his bedtime story will be just the thing to lull you to sleep tonight.

Not only will you be recharging yourself, but you’ll actually be giving back while you sleep. Audible and Thrive Global will also be donating meals daily through Newark Working Kitchens and #FirstResondersFirst to help make sure first responders and those in need don’t go to bed hungry. 

To hear Nick’s bedtime story plus the slate of other exclusive content, visit Audible.com/Sleep, where you can download, set a sleep timer, and cast the audio to your connected devices for hands-free listening. 

Audible and Thrive Global have come together to bring you exclusive, original audio sleep experiences — like guided meditations and bedtime stories — to help you recharge during these restless times. While we will be making this content available for free, Audible and #FirstRespondersFirst will also be donating meals daily through Newark Working Kitchens to help make sure first responders and those in need don’t go to bed hungry. You can learn more here.


  • Lindsey Benoit O'Connell

    Deputy Editor, Entertainment + Partnerships at Thrive

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