On this day of karmic revelations, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the fallen soul that helped shape my life, that though I am freed from now, I send light, love, hope and the possibility of redemption to enter his heart. And to all others I gratefully did not have the opportunity to meet, I extend the same to you.

As we enter into the possibility of the solar eclipse, of the newness of our journey, magnified by the energies transcending our current experience, let us also honor those that succamb to their demons, and lost track of their divinity. That up to now, have lost. We do this so we may enter our future with grace unabashedly, because as the saying goes ‘but for the grace of God go I’. We were victims to our shortcomings before, deceived by our limits, and let astray many times. What but grace blessed us to acknowledge our choice in creating our heaven?

So, I honor your memory. I honor the possibility that was instilled in you at birth. I believe still in the possibility of transmutation of evil to good, of change, of Jesus and salvation, of choice. And thus, I believe its still possible for you, and others like you. And though I firmly remain unaffected by the outcome that results from your decisions, this acknowledgement serves as a reminder to me of how far I have traveled to peace, and the journey of pain that brought me here.

Because I tried to encourage you on your journey in choosing peace, in choosing love, yet you chose not to believe. Because the tug at my heart is still there. Because I still pray for your redemption. Because as I enter into a twilight of life abundant, peaceful and serene, it would’ve been nice to see you there. I go still in faith, trust and certainty that while I long for your salvation, I am responsible only for my own.

In Jesus name,