Dog training is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone, with new dog trainers entering the business every day. However, not every dog trainer business succeeds. Oftentimes, these businesses fail not for a lack of demand, but for a lack of quality marketing and business acumen. Fortunately, Louie Torres, CEO of Unleashed Marketing, is helping dog trainers grow their business, develop sales skills, and find their customers with ease.

Who is Louie Torres?

Before becoming the marketing guru of the pet services arena, Louie Torres was just a young New Yorker trying to find his path in life. His young mother raised Louie with the help of his grandparents up until he was 8 years old. That is when Louie’s mother married his now stepfather, who became a pivotal influence in the man Louie is today.

As a young boy, Louie Torres looked to his family as real role models. Growing up, he lived in a house with eight family members. Though it may have been chaotic at times, Louie grew up feeling extremely close with his extended family. 

The Flea Market Sales School

Louie and his grandparents would go to the flea market together, where his grandfather would teach him how to sell. Years later, he took his sales skills all the way to a boutique firm on Wall Street, and eventually, one of the largest recruiting agencies worldwide. However, Louie didn’t feel fulfilled in his position, nor was he able to repay the debt he felt he owed to his family.

So, Louie did what any driven young man would do; he set out on his own to start his recruiting agency with two of his friends. While his first solo business venture failed to take off due to litigation from his former employer, Louie Torres was determined to find success as an entrepreneur. To help make ends meet, he began waiting tables. During this time, he founded Kingsley Media, which eventually evolved into Unleashed Marketing.

How the First Marketing Agency for Dog Trainers Began

Thanks to his flea market days and the lessons he learned on Wall Street, Louie Torres already knew how to make sales, acquire clients, and grow a business. However, he hadn’t yet found a way to pass this knowledge on to other entrepreneurs. He was still looking for his niche. That’s when he met a girl in New York and things started to fall into place. 

His new girlfriend Michelle, owned a 10-year old chihuahua named Alfie, who had been living with her mother. At Thanksgiving, her mother brought Alfie to live with Louie and Michelle as they just moved to a pet friendly apartment in Charlotte. Alfie did not have a smooth transition to the move, barking at Louie incessantly and even becoming territorial. Naturally, this led to fighting, scratching, and clawing for weeks on end. Louie honestly felt like he had reached the end of his rope, but he knew that his girlfriend would be heartbroken if the dog had to leave again. So, they endeavored to find a high-quality dog trainer.

It’s pretty common knowledge that dogs — much like people — get more set in their ways as they age. In other words, older dogs can be extremely difficult to train. Some dog trainers won’t even agree to train dogs beyond a certain age. As a result, Louie and Michelle struggled to find anyone within their limited price range who could help train Alfie.

Fortunately, they finally managed to find a trainer who turned out to be amazing. He made Alfie feel calm from their very first evaluation. The situation only improved from there. With time, the 10-year old chihuahua became much more calm, loving, docile, and accepting of his new living environment. 

From this experience, Louie discovered a gap in the market in which he had direct experience. He knew how to market for dog trainers because he had learned what it was like from the client’s perspective. He knew what it felt like to desperately search for the right trainer, only to find the available businesses either lacking or too costly.

To test his knowledge, Louie attended a nearby event held by a dog trainer. He saw that the trainer did not close any sales, walking away from the event with no money or promising leads whatsoever. So, Louie Torres approached him and offered to help set up a Facebook ad campaign. He also guided this trainer with a new sales script and technology to nurture leads. This served as his first case study in marketing for dog trainers. Once he figured out the magic formula to get his client’s business off the ground, Louie Torres dissolved Kingsley Media, and launched Unleashed Marketing to bring this success to as many dog trainers as possible. 

 Driven to Succeed by His Family

Unleashed Marketing officially launched in March of 2020, but it has seen immeasurable success in an incredibly short amount of time. As of this writing, Louie Torres already has a team of 12 and is doing 6-figures in sales each and every month. So, what keeps Louie Torres and Unleashed Marketing so successful?

While Louie certainly found a gap in the market and filled it with his marketing and sales knowledge, he also credits his success to something very different. For Louie Torres, family is everything. Since his earliest days on Wall Street, Louie’s main motivation has been to provide financial stability to his close family members. With Unleashed Marketing, Louie Torres wants to ensure that the family members who supported him through the years never have to work another day in their lives.
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