Employees' productivity- morale

The covid 19 pandemic is here. It’s true that the economy is affected. In workplaces, employees are getting anxious. They are disturbed both physically and mentally. As an employer, how will you increase your employees’ productivity during this crisis?

Your employees’ lives around have been turned around. Clearly, their day to day life has changed. The future seems bleak. Their morale might be reducing each passing day. As a result, you may have come up with new work schedules.

In reality, it is not much you can do to the crisis. But it is clear to you that the employees’ productivity is vital for your organization. Thus the question, what will you do to your employees’ to boost their morale?

1.   Modify the Working Conditions

Your employees’ daily routines changed with the onset of the pandemic. The schools were closed. They might be the primary caregivers to their children now. Adjust the working hours as a way to increase your employees’ productivity.

There is also lockdown in place in some areas. It might be hard for them to access the workplace. As their employer, provide them with the option of working from home.

Once in a while, allow your employees to work earlier or later than usual. Maybe 45 minutes earlier or later. Remember to offer realistic time frames and expectations.

2.   Provide a Healthy Work Environment

Provide a healthy work atmosphere for your employees. This environment will reduce the worry among them. It will go a long way to increase your employees’ productivity.

Show that you care. Ensure that your employees get their temperature checked when coming into the organization. However, make the screening confidential, to avoid stigmatization

It would be best if you provide sanitization booths at different places. Always encourage your employees to sanitize themselves. Besides, you could provide water and soap for use while at work.

Ensure your employees maintain the required social distance while working. If you do not have adequate office space, let them work in shifts. Also, ensure that the work stations are sanitized between shifts.

Furthermore, you could also provide them with masks and ensure that they are always worn.

Some of your employees may be working from home. Ensure that they have the required resources to work. These are computers, video calling software, as well as access to the internet.

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3.   Reconsider Health Insurance Cover Plans

As the pandemic continues, new cases are coming up daily. Owing to this, everyone is now worried about their health.

Are you aiming at increasing your employees’ productivity? As an employer, please consider improving their health insurance coverage plans.  

This health cover should include preventive and curative services. You could add other benefits to their health covers, like access to counsellors.

Additionally, the cover should include wellness programs. These programs will cater to your employees’ mental health.

Encourage your employees to access facilities with adequate health resources. Here, they can get support if in case they are infected or affected by Covid 19.

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4.   Motivate, Encourage, Reward

Motivating, encouraging, and rewarding your employees is important. You can increase your employees’ productivity by recognizing their achievements, no matter how small. 

Always offer positive words of encouragement. However, know your employees’ personalities. Some will appreciate public attention. Others would be happy with just a simple email message.

Other exciting ways you could use to reward your employees are:

  • Giving the employee a surprise paid day off
  • Allowing them to come later than usual on Mondays
  • Let them leave earlier than usual on Fridays

5.   Promote Self-Care

Self-care is a personal matter. However, it contributes greatly to an employee’s productivity. It would be best if you were concerned about what your employees do at work for their wellbeing.

Increase your employees’ productivity by showing that you care about them. Celebrate their wins. The win could be a job well done. Or even a target that has been achieved. This recognition will boost their confidence.

Insist on taking short breaks during the day. Encourage them to have support groups. Always remind them to go for lunch breaks, no matter how strict the deadlines are.

Show concern to your employees’ problems. Ensure that they make use of their off days. Additionally, allow them to take sick leave when they are unwell.

As the employer, organize for a team-building day. Plan the day for bonding activities only. It will boost your employees’ morale. They will know each other better and, at the same time, encourage teamwork.

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To sum up, employee productivity is crucial for the success of your organization. In spite of this, productivity might have gone down due to the pandemic.

However, all is not lost.  You can still increase your employees’ productivity by showing that you care.

To achieve this increase in productivity, you should modify and improve the work environment. Remember to review your employees’ health insurance plans. Ensure you always motivate and encourage them. Lastly, please encourage them to build self-care.

For these reasons, when the pandemic will be over, your employees’ morale will be higher. Thus, your productivity levels will be higher.