A smart wardrobe with a minimalist approach.

“Research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion.” — Jacqueline Smith, How Your Clothing Affects Your Success

What we wear does not define us. Confidence, success, and intelligence should radiate from within the person, not because you are wearing the most popular brand of clothing or walking in 6 inch heels.

Think about the finances and time you invest in putting together an outfit, shopping in stores, and the pressure to wear what is trendy. Wouldn’t you rather use the mental and physical energy towards your family and career? Think of what we could do with those hours— build businesses, spend time with our loved ones, rest and relax, change the world…

It’s time to invest in clothes that will last and be a staple in your wardrobe. Choose fabric with the highest standards and quality that will become a timeless item in your closet, yet comfortable, chic, and serves multiple purpose. And in today’s technologically centered world, use the digital platform to be your personal stylist.

“VERA DE NERO believes in creating a “smart wardrobe” with a minimalist approach. We believe in the rising leadership and authenticity of women today.” — Anna Davis, Designer and founder of VERA DE NERO.

VERA DE NERO collections believe that comfort is as important as the quality of your clothing. Damaged clothes that you only wear 5x and replacing it not only costs money, but also time. We have overlooked the quality of fabrics our clothes are created with. It’s time to use your sense of touch to truly understand and appreciate what you are wearing.

Embody the woman you want to be.

1. The Gamma Female: Innovative and classic

2. The Alpha Female: Bold and outgoing

3. The Beta Female: Romantic and artistic

VERA DE NERO categorized her collections into 3 different female personas: Gamma, Alpha, and Beta women. Each has its own characteristics represented by the style, but all are made with the finest fabrics that ensue timeless elegance. For example, your evening night out can come from the The Alpha Female Collection. And if you want to embody a more romantic and artistic trait, you may pick an outfit from The Beta Female Collection.

What the designer envisions are these qualities in fashion- everlasting and minimalist wardrobe; the woman wears the clothing, not the other way around; and styles that represent the different characteristics and roles of today’s woman.

We want to dress for success, but we also want to embody the woman we want to be.

“People dress up for job interviews because how they dress affects the impressions that other people form of them. So clearly we can dress up to try and manage how other people see us, and we can also dress up to manage how we see ourselves.” — Lindsey J. Oates, The Ohio State University

Originally published at medium.com