Clothing Serves us as an Outlet for Self Expression.

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Fashion style belongs to the everyday person. At times we tend to forget how valuable it is to every single one of us. Our clothing has a practical impact and also psychological, social and emotional impact. All of us embrace the power of clothing even when we don’t know it.

How we dress reflects who we are as people. When we put our hearts into our style, our personality shines through it.

Recent studies have also shown the cognitive impact of how we dress. The Association for Psychological Science reports,

“The formality of clothing might not only influence the way others perceive a person, and how people perceive themselves but could influence decision making in important ways through its influence on processing style.”

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Style, even though touches outward appearance is indeed deeply internal, having a strong effect in our psyche. We pick our clothing, consciously and unconsciously to express what words cannot describe. Style is a positive influence in our sense of self and identity.

Psychiatrist Dr Samantha Boardman explained to Marie Claire,

“When you wear something that makes you feel great, the effects may be subtle — the way you tilt your head, your facial expressions — but they matter.”

She stated

“The right outfit can help you feel more confident when you need it most — it can serve as both armour and as an inspiration.”

Our style tells how we perceive ourselves to be in a unique way. People who focus on defining our personal style throughout time tend to work on being the best versions of ourselves continually. Personal style is a method, we choose to best represent who we are and this is important.

Some people feel that they need to be fashion experts or qualified stylists to design and define their personal style when in reality we are always and intricately defining our style with our taste and with the subconscious desires to express the uniqueness that identifies us.

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To become aware of your style and farther develop it bear these tips in mind:

Don’t pay Attention to Trends

Trends have nothing to do with style. Trends is what other people are telling you should wear while your style is telling people who you are. Trends become trendy when the masses give into them. What could be farther from personal style? Forget trends and go for the pieces that inspire you.

Determine Who Inspires You

Search “female style icons” or “male style icons” in Google or Pinterest. Get Inspiration from articles and images of stylish men and women throughout the past 50 years. Make a note of what you love and recreate it following your instincts and adding your unique touch and authenticity. Look for connections amongst the outfits you like best, like a vintage aesthetic, quirkiness, or modern minimalism. Pay special attention to the items, colours, textures, and fabrics you are drawn to the most and often.

Try out Everything you Can

Trial and error are pivotal. Try on the clothing you love most and see how it makes you feel. Find a subtle yet profound sense of satisfaction when walking around with the chosen pieces. Experiment and have fun. First, consider the wardrobe you already own ask yourself how can you achieve the overall style you feel most drawn to with the items in your closet? When you feel confident and comfortable wearing the clothes you have succeeded. Make a habit of going window shopping and trying out as many different things as possible.

Blend IT with your Lifestyle

Your style needs to suit your lifestyle. Ensure your chosen style fits in your everyday life. For example, if you work predominantly at home as an entrepreneur, you’ll want to stick to a comfortable, casual style.

Keep to comfortable pieces in colours that inspire you, patterns and fabrics that make you feel cosy and at home.

Make every effort to feel gorgeous when you spend most of the day at home. It will do wonders to your mood and overall wellness. Being at home doesn’t mean PJs and headscarf. Working on clothes you love will make you feel powerful, loved (by you) and alighted with your desires as you are living your best life consciously.

For instance, if you want to do more exercise and feel more energetic and active, why not wear activewear that makes you feel super relaxed and fashionable.

Collect Essential, Versatile Items

Some vintage items stand the test of time. Take, for example, everyday jeans, simple slacks, button-downs, neutral-coloured blazers, and sweaters, hoodies, the favourite Tees, little black dresses, ballerinas, colourful accessories with history to them, and more. Essential items serve as the perfect starting point when discovering your unique style. Let your style story express your most authentic self staring today. I wish you an incredible journey. I’m on it too!


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Sylvia Love Johnson is a Streetwear Fashion Clothing Brand Startup Entrepreneur, Filmmaker and Acting Coach who found her Fashion design inspiration in her short films driven by the necessity to free herself from social constraints through artistic expression in Fashion. Visit LaGuai to find out how she did it.