Through the difficult times the world has undergone in the last couple of years, the fashion industry has expressed the idea of wishing to go back to by simpler times bringing back earlier trends. In the designer clothing industry, our generation has brought  back very “interesting” trends from the past – specifically the 1990s. This includes fanny packs, small sunglasses, denim jackets and much more . Such trends are even supported and promoted by celebrities, and as a result become widespread – the idea that dressing like in the past can help us live like in the past.

But why does our society specifically favour the 90s?

Firstly, most designer brands are run by millennials, meaning that they may picture what young buyers want to be similar to when they were young buyers themselves – likely in the 90s. Especially through tough times, we tend to think back to good old memories.

These designers producing these clothes can cause a chain reaction in the fashion industry, where if one designer brand does it the rest of the other brands try to do it as well. It is as if it were a competition of who better evokes these trends through their style.

There are always going to be old trends coming back and new trends being made, but it’s important to remember that Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves –  especially with the way they dress. That is why fashion is so special and unique because everyone strives to be different, original and show the world who they are through clothing. Who knows, maybe we are going to look back at ourselves from today, laughing at the kinds of clothing we wore into the 2020’s.