Father’s Day comes around every year and we scramble to find the most voted, loved and useful gifts to make our dad’s lives easier, funnier or even just thoughtful. This father’s day after speaking to several dad’s and asking the major question of “What would you like for Father’s Day this year?” Majority of dads including my own said Time. Being able to spend time with loved ones, doing unimaginable events in ones life and just being able to sit back and enjoy natures beauty without having to look at the time. These 5 simple gifts will give your dad time in the most amazing ways.

Plant a Tree with Dad

PlantOGram Utuado Avocado Tree

Plant a tree with dad, send him a PlantOGram Utuado Avocado Tree, this gorgeous plant will give your dad natures beauty every single day. Providing him with gorgeous green leaves and bright, fresh green skinned fruit! Did I mention that this tree can be grown indoors?

Watch A Movie With Dad

Disney’s Pixar Incredible’s 2

Take dad to see Disney’s Pixar Incredible’s 2! This movie will have you dad leaving the theater like the super hero that he is. Great of all ages!

Take Dad to a Theme Park


Thrilling rides and funnel cakes make great memories. With new rides added to our favorite theme parks have dad experience something different.  

Book a Spa Day with dad


Spas are no longer just for the ladies, dad’s love to be pampered too! Book dad a luxurious day of massages, pedicure’s and manicures and even a professional shave!

Take a Cooking Class


You can always make dad’s favorite Friday night dinner meal anytime, this year take a cooking class with dad and experience cooking on a whole new level. Experimenting in the kitchen has never been this fun! 

I hope these 5 simple gift’s of time will have you and dad enjoying his special day more than ever. Wishing all of the dad’s a fabulous Father’s Day!