“I can’t go to the gym – I don’t look fit enough yet!”

Have you ever walked into the gym and immediately regretted it?

Did you look around the room and see the muscle guys and the matchy-matchy Lululemon sets, and immediately felt your inner confidence run for the hills?

Were you painfully aware of your progress vs. everyone else’s?

Or maybe you just flat out felt like the fattest person in the gym?

Whether it’s at the gym, or in your career, trying new things can be terrifying – especially when you’re at the front of the room.

What we tend to misinterpret is how many other people in the room you shared those same exact feelings – even the ones who look like they know what they’re doing.

In this latest episode of Real Confidence, I invited an experienced personal trainer (and overall inspiring person), Caroline Dawson, to talk about lessons in being comfortably vulnerable  – starting with a very familiar confidence-challenging environment – the gym.

Learn why reaching your full potential requires making decisions based on what really you want to do – not what you think you can do!

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