Lingering in the shadow

Fear is roaring inside of me

How can you tell, you ask?

I can tell,

My thoughts are not focus 

There jump from here to there

Past and the future

Down in the bottom of my stomach

Fear flows upwards to the top of my chest.

Just like the rushing river that drops off into the water fall.

Why do I let this fear haunt me in the shadow of my mind?

When I have so much to be blessed

Two wonderful young men, that calls me mommy.

A man that took them as his own.

A new 2 story home, with a garden and rose in the front yard

my goals are finally being meet.

Which all comes with more reasonability

Fear said:

put too much depends on others

Fear of getting a job

The fear of failure

Fear of disappointing in myself

Fear of taken control

Fear of losing control

Fear of not being heard

Fear of speaking up

Fear of getting overwhelm

Fear of abandonment

Fear is a part of me,

Learning to control my fear

and not letting fear

dictates my future.