Scared people are easy to control. They believe life is happening to them instead of them being in the driver’s seat. The news wants people to tune into their network. They use scare tactics to get them to watch for hours on end. Scared people can be manipulated into buying useless types of insurance, getting unnecessary work done to their cars or houses, or signing up for services they do not need. If someone tries to scare them into making a purchase, a fearful person will let their emotion to their bidding. This is not to say they that fear cannot cause you to make the right move. We need fear to survive. Caution keeps us away from danger. Yet when an environment becomes more and more safe, the instinct for survival shifts toward irrational phobias. People will start to fear what might happen to them if they take risks or perceive threats that are not there. People cannot enjoy their safety or security because they are constantly thinking about the possibility of losing it all. One of the sickest ways scared people are preyed upon is by convincing them that their children are in some form of danger. The media is especially bad about this one. One story about a school janitor that had a rape conviction and was still about to work inside of an elementary school sends shockwaves around the nation. All of a sudden, there is a full on witch hunt over the low skilled workers in schools and their alleged threat towards everyone’s kids. People working for these facilities could have been ignored for years. Now they are suspect and seen as perverts and felons. The right issue here is focus. Are people focusing on what they have power over or are they trying to control things that are out of their hands? It can be expected that if a person tries to change what they cannot, they will be scared and miserable. Taking charge of what one can control leads to empowerment. We can always decide our thoughts, words, and actions.