Either disease is the actuality or we have fear of disease, it may come. If disease or happening is the actuality, you have no option but to deal with it.

When you have fear of disease or other happening, it means you want to feel relieved by confirmations that you will be safe, secured in future, tomorrow. Energy is dissipated in trying to secure this relief. Can you see that this relief can not be secured?

In the context of present crisis (Covid 19):

Whether you believe in God or deny it; Whether you are relying on scientific or economic explanations; Or any belief or ideas you are holding to explain away ‘what is happening’ – one thing is common to every human being.

Though you are physically safe and secured in this moment, but are feeling psychologically insecured, unsafe. Can you see that all your running away to entertainments, religious-spiritual activities, holidays, intoxications has stopped? Can you see that all your diversion to solacing, consoling ideas has stopped?

You are rested now but feeling uncertain about what is going to happen, what the future holds. Even when you resort to ‘positive thinking and so on’, your mind knows that there is fear, uncertainty but you are simply talking about positive by shying away from the feeling of fear, uncertainty. You can not cheat your own mind.

This noticing is discomforting to the present mind. If you can rest with this discomfort, new mind is born. Energy is freed from fighting with this discomfort. You begin to SEE positive, the effortless solutions.