I spoke to German Valencia, one of the most resilient and authentic leaders I know, to learn how to transform fear into your driving force.

German’s sister and family experienced COVID-19 health challenges for three weeks. Yet he calls that experience a source of strength. Why? In this 9-minutes-long video, discover German’s strategy for turning fear into both blessing and opportunity.

As you’ll see, German’s professional and personal story has had many turns. And he is not to be restricted by anything – neither by COVID-19 nor by the camera frame, sorry!

How I know German …

My path crossed German’s when he became Managing Director of DHL IT Services. According to his own estimate, German remembered the names of more than 2,500 of 4,000 employees in our global organization. And even though he left DHL more than five years ago, his stories and inspirational messages are still fondly remembered in IT Services.


Because when German entered a room, he brought energy with him. He pushed us out of our comfort zones and requested that everyone speak up. When he left a room, we experienced a moment of “what just happened?” and then we went about our days with a feeling of value and inspiration. Even if you didn’t love German’s style, you’d still give your best because he was authentic and genuine.

German has four sisters and three brothers, and loves to explain how he and his family rented buses for family events.

You can check out his many business successes here.