My last story on Medium announced the upcoming launch of my YouTube channel, to have happened this past week. It didn’t.

My channel didn’t launch because my fear of creating a video took over. My reason for inaction was pure fear, nothing more, nothing less. The fear of looking bad, of saying the wrong thing, not smiling enough…fear.

Before trying to create my first “professional” video, I thought I’d pretty much conquered my fears.

The next time you think you’ve conquered all of your fears, find a new way to push yourself outside your comfort zone. See what happens.

Sometimes we are blind to the things that scare us. A lot of us walk around thinking, “I’ve got this,” when we’ve never been tested.

Like the deputy in Florida during the most recent school shooting . He most likely didn’t know he’d freeze up until he did. Fear is vicious. It can render us utterly powerless.

How many times have you felt fear and were surprised by it? Has meeting someone new, a job change or moving into new neighborhood ever rocked you a bit? If so, you know the fear comes before the brain registers your fearfulness.

Does fear impact quality? You bet. Every time. Sometimes fear sharpens us, makes us better. Other times it stops us from doing something exciting and new.

For the past two days, I’ve been creating video content, getting comfortable with the process and myself on camera. Overcoming my performance anxiety isn’t as easy as I expected.

I’ve already missed my goal. Rather than let this fact derail my progress, today will bring more video practice. If my YouTube channel doesn’t launch for another week, I’ll be better for it. So will everyone watching. If I’m contributing something to the world, I want to bring my best.

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