The last time I went on public transport in London was March 15, 2020. Two weeks ago, my daughter proposed that we begin this new quarter of the year that has been 2020, by both spending one day in September working out of Soho House, as a way of gently trying to get back to a sort of normal.

I have not ventured into Central London for some time. It has been a traumatic 6 months, much of it being ill and fighting through the pandemic, and although currently deemed “virus free”, likely going through the long hauler stage, as the pain still seems to linger.

There have been friends and family members who we have tragically lost in this most cruel of years together with notable names in life and society who have passed away, making us realize we all have limited time, and every day is indeed a gift.

I am having sleepless nights about going on public transport and navigating through a world where everything has changed. I crave the presence of normal, people going about their everyday life, smiles, hugs, the cheer of a crowd at a play, the screams and elation at a rock concert, these all seem so many lifetimes away.

I have all the personal protection equipment deemed necessary to navigate movement safely, and will endeavor to overcome immediate anxieties, observing all basic social distancing rules and try and have a relaxing and peaceful working day on my great day out.

Coincidentally, Thrive Global’s Daily Newsletter “Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety in Tough Times”, just hit my inbox , with some firm and oddly soothing words, “We can’t eliminate the stress caused by challenging events in our lives, but we can learn to manage it so it doesn’t overwhelm us.” Words which strike true and which grasp the urgency and understanding of the times and indeed the new world we are currently living in.

I will set out with Nelson Mandela’s words firmly in my mind, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
Wish me luck!