Everything in life has a beginning and an end. Relationships, business partnerships, life, love, wars, illness, and movies. And yet, we still are not ready to let go. When we feel things are coming to an end, we hold into them so badly, that we end up hurting and staggering our own growth and our emotional resilience.

So many times, I found myself staying in a job, or a business partnership longer than I need to, just because of all the “What If’s” that shows up in my mind and my resistance to acknowledging that this relationship is coming to an end and I need to move on.  

The sentiment of guilt and the value of loyalty makes me doubt my own inner knowing and keep me stuck. I become stuck by choice. The choice to listen to my inner limits/critic.

I also realised that when things finally end, they tend to leave me with a sense of inadequate, unworthiness, and I blame myself. Even though, the end is what was needed, however by prolonging it, things start to fester, so the ends are more abrupt and hurtful than what they would have been.

What I came to see from years of client’s therapy, mentoring and coaching, is that most of the time, our attachment to the form, end up costing us the end of the relationship.

Our inability to be authentic with oneself, end up making us become more demanding and less understanding.

So, what if we reframed and started to see endings as an opportunity for new living, what decisions would we make in our life right now to fully live it?

What if we started to see that life as a telenovela, with every episode having a beginning and ends, how might we be more allowing for things to fade?

What if we were to acknowledge and embody the impermanence of life, how would we engage with life differently?


  • Amel Murphy

    Embodied living

    Breath aT Work

    I am interested in everything that leads me and others to a more  meaningful and embodied living. My contributions are based on my own experiences in life and the learning from them. I am not here to teach or tell anyone on how best to live their lives, but I wan to partake of the wisdom, I aquired from life trials and tribulations.