Heal Your Hustle: Stop ‘Doing’ Success And Start ‘Being’ A Success

Success is your birthright. You deserve to be successful and share your gifts, messages and offers with the world.  However, you keep hitting roadblocks and are in your own way. You’re afraid to fail, scared to speak your truth, hold yourself back out of fear of being rejected or judged by others, maybe you don’t feel you are good enough in some way, or play small and make excuses not to be seen and visible in your business.

Until you work through your fears, they will continue to hold you back.

So, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Do I have a constant battle with not enoughness and self sabotage that hold me back from the success I deserve?
  • Do I have subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that hold me back from speaking my truth and being visible to shine?
  • Am I stuck/ blocked?
  • Do I have the courage to create a life of emotional freedom and unlimited success?
  • Do I have a burning passion to share my gifts, my message, and my vision with the world, but have a hard time making that happen?

If you answered ‘yes’ it’s most likely because you are striving for success but you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. This causes frustration and inability to move forward, so you shut down, make excuses or avoid taking action.

You’re only scratching the surface of your potential because you are relying on creating your success on a conscious level – which fails to tackle the deeply imprinted subconscious blocks.

This results in an internal conflict, where a part of you desperately wants to achieve your highest goals (conscious) and another driving force within (subconscious) finds a way to sabotage it. So much of your potential is left untapped when this happens. When you have underlying fears, you operate from a place that is out of alignment and flow…

You are hustling, doing and pushing.

This shows up as over-giving, overworking, never feeling ‘good enough,’ procrastinating, self- sabotage, and burnout. You are operating from a masculine energy.  

That was me a few short years ago. I was overworking and hustling 70 hours a week. I worked hard. I hustled hard. I was overwhelmed, anxious and burning out. I believed that the harder I worked, the more successful I would become… and that people would see me, my value and my worth. 

Then, I burned out. I felt like I was going through the motions of life without joy. Like a robot. Work… sleep, work… sleep, work… sleep. Every. Single. Day.

Until I hit rock bottom.

I had to do SOMETHING before I lost everything. But I was overcome by FEAR.

•           Fear to speak my truth.

•          Fear that I wouldn’t make enough money.

•           Fear to make a drastic change in my life.

•           Fear that I wasn’t good enough to have it all.

•           Fear I would fail.

•           Fear I would be judged.

When I finally took the steps to work on myself and heal my hustle from the inside out, I was able to identify the fears and the beliefs I created around those fears. I understood how those fears and beliefs were blocking me and holding me back from living the life I deserve.

I was then able to break the chains that were keeping me stuck and took my power back.

And when I did:

•           I was present for my family

•           I finally felt calm and at peace

•           I created a life of balance and freedom with a 3 day work week with ease

•           I no longer needed external validation to feel worthy and valued.

•           And I finally found joy and alignment with my purpose in life

Many people talk about stopping the hustle but they don’t teach you how to uncover the subconscious meaning driving the hustle.

I’ve found that the underlying block is FEAR and you must go deep into the subconscious to address the 5 Core Fears™ that keep you from speaking your truth, being more visible, taking more action and owning your power.

1.  Fear of Failure
2.  Fear of Visibility
3.  Fear of Rejection
4.  Fear of Speaking Your Truth
5.  Fear of Not Being Enough

Success happens when you are in harmony and balance with the masculine and feminine…the yin and yang. The feminine is where you operate from a place of knowing, trusting and intuition, with ease and flow. Success doesn’t not have to be hard. However, we have been conditioned by our parents, caregivers, and society to believe that we have to work hard to be successful. This belief, and others that are similar, were created early in childhood and will continue to show up throughout your life.

They are the subconscious blocks, fears and beliefs that hold you back, and keep you stuck by repeating the same patterns over and over. Just when you are about to hit a goal, you sabotage it. When you can truly trust yourself, your intuition and just ‘be’, you will attract more of what you are seeking with ease and flow without all the ‘doing and hustling’.

Once you heal the parts of your self that are not coming from a place of alignment in your head, your heart and your hara (body, mind & soul), you will be in balance with the masculine and feminine. This is sweet spot where success happens with ease. The place where you can finally uncover and recondition your fears, blocks, and belief system so you can speak your truth and be visible to create freedom, alignment and impact in your life and business.

The key to finding balance is uncovering your subconscious beliefs, updating and rewiring the new beliefs in your mind to create balance between the masculine and feminine energy. It’s important to set boundaries in your business, create dedicated work hours, hydrate and drink water throughout the day and to take breaks during your work day to ground yourself and connect with nature- go outside for fresh air, a quick walk, deep breathing and stretching.

When you are in balance and harmony, you will attract success easily and effortlessly…the feminine way.

Take this 3 minute quiz to see where your blocks are holding you back and how you can finally bust through them.

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