fears we are born with

Scientists are still doing researches to uncover the hidden areas of fear. Fear is a broad area, and they are so many things that we don’t know. After the 90s, scientists have found that human beings are born with two fears.

Fear of falling

Here the scientists have found that humans are born with the fear of falling. Usually, fears are born with experience and cultural beliefs. But here they have found that the fear of falling is born with our birth.

Here they have done a small experiment to prove it. They have experimented with babies and young animals by putting them on a transparent glass. Most of the babies and animals were afraid to put there step into the glass, which is beyond the edge. With that, they have proved that humans are born with the fear of falling. (Navigate)

Fear of loud noise

This is also a fear type that we are born with. When we heard a loud noise, we tent to cover our head, or we involuntarily focus on the sound.

When we heard a loud voice our subconscious mind, our body set us to a fight -fight mode or run mode without our permission. This is same for the newborn babies. Even they don’t have an idea about what the sound is,they get afraid. We can see that by looking at their pupils.

How to overcome fear?

Fear is not an issue. It helps us to guard ourselves against a harmful situation. Fear only gets worse when it turns to a phobia. Phobia is a mental disorder that should be overcome.

You must understand that fear is not a thing that should be ashamed of, and fear doesn’t need medical treatments. It’s just a wonderful creation of our mind to guard us against potential threats. (Info)

Fear and Phobia

As I said before, fear is a common situation. This doesn’t need medical treatment, and medical treatments cannot cure this. As human beings, we all have different types of fear. The best thing is, we can control the fear by managing our feeling. As an example, if you are afraid of spiders, you can avoid spiders to control your fear. The symptoms of fear are normal and manageable. Always think positively about that.

When it comes to phobia, it can be defined as the worst version of fear. Phobias should be treated with medical treatments. The bad thing is, we cant manage phobia. The symptoms can be identified as crying, vomiting, chest pain, nausea, etc. Only medical treatments can cure phobias.