There is something markedly necessary to lead the social scene: keeping it cool.

How is a leader chosen? Obviously, there are many characteristics that define them, and many of them are even opposite to each other. For example, there are leaders who know how to manage resources and know where to be at the right time; there are leaders who drag everything in their path with the sheer force of their will; there are also those who are born with the right genes and the charisma to lead human masses.

And there is also a modern type of leader who requires a bit of all the types of leadership described above: the socialite.

According to The New York Times, socialites spend up to $455,000 per year to maintain their roles as successful socialites. For example, just the evening wardrobe of an individual regularly attending society functions can cost $100,000 annually. However, there are individuals who carve out their social place not with money, but with something that requires much less effort, but more abilities: intelligence.

Hans Kennedy is one of those modern socialites who lead the nightlife of the three American social main poles: New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Although he currently works as a real estate advisor in the growing COMPASS, his main scene is the social elites. Sharing at events with the likes of Gigi Hadid, Zlatan Ibrahimović, 50 Cent or Will Smith, Kennedy is someone people naturally look to to reach such kinds of social spheres.

“John Mayor, who is my favorite artist, cheated on Katy Perry with a girl that used to come out with me, and she appeared at the front cover of OK! Magazine while using the Social Elites hat”.


Hans Kennedy has the ability to be honest with himself, and also to define honestly what is it that you and me want.

“Politically It doesn’t matter your mindset, as long as you have good vibes, you can belong. In this atmosphere where it seems we are all so different in our beliefs, we are all human. We seek a good time with new people who we can trust and let all the stresses of life go. Partying is one thing we all have in common: we love a great time out”.

Kennedy currently has 30k followers on Instagram.