Do you ever feel like there is a spark inside you waiting to burst into a fantastic, life-fulfilling destiny? Do you find yourself wishing, “If only …”? Perhaps you feel like there’s something more meaningful you are meant to do with your life? Or some subtle feeling that you have greatness inside, just waiting to be freed and shared with others? Have you ever considered listening to that spark?

This is your intuition, or your Divinity, speaking to you and giving you signs to follow your heart. Most people never even pay attention to the signs. The daily chores and responsibilities just go on day after day, year after year. And the whole time you may have a feeling of not being quite complete, but are unsure what exactly is missing.

In committing to yourself, your destiny, and your Divinity, you can begin to feel amazing amounts of joy. Joy isn’t something we hear people talk about much these days, but it is still inside you. It sits deep within, right there with your spark, waiting to be freed. By trusting in a higher power and your innate abilities to manifest, you can take these steps towards freeing your spark.

1) Read inspiring stories. When we read stories about others who took the leap to listen to their heart and follow their dreams, it inspires us. It gets us thinking, “Geez, if she could do it given her circumstances, then I could do it too!” You might also want to begin reading books on self-development. Authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson and many more offer fantastic books, audio downloads and apps to inspire you.

2) Surround yourself with inspiring reminders. This can include pictures or momentos that are meaningful to you. You needn’t feel pressured to explain or justify why you want that feather or rock on your desk. You know what it symbolizes and how it makes you feel and that’s all that matters. You could also consider placing something in your surroundings that symbolizes where you want to get to in life. Perhaps it’s a picture of someone painting in the Italian countryside. Whatever your heart longs for, you can help nurture the journey with beautiful, supportive surroundings.

3) Meditate daily. A regular meditation practice, even for as little as ten minutes a day, is going to benefit you. Meditation allows our mind and body to relax. While you cannot stop your mind from having thoughts, you can begin to experience the pockets of peace between your thoughts. It is in these pockets that you open up to hear the messages for your soul. You need not be intimidated about learning meditation, simply find a qualified instructor to teach you. Why put it off any longer? You can begin today, perhaps as soon as you finish reading this article! Feed your soul. Free your spark!

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