If there was a magic potion that could transform your body to perfection in seconds so you feel gorgeous, would it not be great? Well, the good news is that such a potion really exists which can make you feel gorgeous which is called “positive body image”.

It may not sound real in the beginning but it is true, the more you stop thinking about what is wrong with your body and start thinking of the features you love, you will fall in love with yourself

Body image actually has nothing to do with the shape of your body, but how do you see yourself based on family and social values. Hence, we have listed here a few tips that will make you feel gorgeous about yourself in no time;

1. Appreciate Your Body for All It Can Do:

Maybe you are in an unhealthy shape, but you are breathing which means that you are very much alive. Your body is wonderful as it lets you run, laugh, dance and dream and put a pause on the criticism and start appreciating it for all the good it lets you enjoy.

2. Make a List of Things you Love About Yourself:

Stop worrying about your weight for once and start describing the things you love about your body like your face, hair, nails, etc.  As you become aware of the things you like about yourself, you realize that you do not hate yourself completely which will help you fall in love with yourself.

3. You are More than Just a Pretty Face:

Do not focus on the body parts when you look at yourself in the mirror but see yourself as a whole person who has positive values. This will make you feel more confident and positive about yourself.

4. Beauty is Not Just About the Appearance: 

How you look is not the only definition of beauty, but your inner beauty also matters. Beautifying yourself from the inside is also essential as it makes you more confident and it is easy to fall in love with yourself when you are good from the inside.

Also, looking good is not just about achieving the right figure but it is all about maintaining a healthy body by eating right and exercising regularly. As suggested by experts, getting rid of extra fat and cellulite with the help of orange skin treatment is also essential to maintain good health and achieve a fit body.

5. Be Positive:

Overcoming negative thoughts about yourself and focusing on being positive by meditating and surrounding yourself with people you love will help you become comfortable in your own skin.

6. Ignore the Media Influence:

As you see models showcasing their perfect figure on social media or magazines, remember that most photos are photoshopped, also many models are anorexic or bulimic which is really unhealthy hence you have nothing to feel bad about your body as there is nothing wrong with it.

Do not always worry about your looks, food and the calories you are in-taking as it will drive you insane instead focus on becoming a good person and enjoy the things you love to do, this will help you create a positive outlook and push you towards a positive body image.