There is something to be said for the innocence of the written word.  There have been many amazing authors over the years who have put pen to paper and shared stories with the intention of inspiring others to learn a few things along the way.

Do you remember the first book you read as a child?

There are lots of stories or nursery rhymes that our parents read to us before bedtime. At the time, they were intended to calm and relax our minds so that we were able to have a restful sleep.

I recently went into my local bookstore and came upon “Dr Seuss” one of our families all time favourites!  It was actually when my “little brother” came on the scene that my parents purchased the entire series for him as part of our reading library. In those days, we actually had encyclopaedias and books on the shelves in our living room ready for the days when we would be completing school projects and assignments.

What was your favourite? 

Green Eggs and Ham was my brothers all time best; mine Horton Hears a Who!   I still remember the days when we sat together one on each side of either my Mother or Nana to hear the stories.

As an adult, I came across a recent publication called “Seuss-isms!” It is truly fantastic!   It takes a few of life lessons from the various titles and along with great visuals reminds us of the stories we read as children and how relevant the messaging is still today.

You’ve gotta love the subtitles:

Be True To Yourself
Surround Yourself with Good People
Think Before You Speak
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Learn to Improvise
Think Big…

Each page has a wonderful visual with a lesson that resonates know matter how old or young you are.  It is truly delightful to sit and read this little book with the Sunday paper.

The messaging is simple, the cartoons lively and the lessons as true today as the days when Theodore Seuss wrote the over 60 books in the series.

So take a few minutes to indulge, enjoy the quick witted prose from someone who clearly understood the meaning of life and had the opportunity to introduce us as children to the lessons that we most often don’t appreciate until we are adults!

Indulge and feel like a kid again! 

Brilliant; just brilliant! 

“Seuss-isms!  A Guide to Life for those Just Starting Out…and Those Already on Their Way” by Dr. Seuss.  printed by Random House, New York, 2015. 

Trish is a Master Coach Practitioner.  She is certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and is also a Certifed Personal Trainer. (CPTN-CPT.M)