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Holiday vacations are great right up until you realize you do have to go back to work. Even if you love what you do, post-holiday jet lag can make it challenging to gather the energy you need to jump back into your routine.

So, how can you return to your job feeling refreshed and ready to go? Here are some ways to approach your first days back with a positive and energetic mindset.

Refuel With Nutrition

You probably indulged a little bit (or a lot) during the holidays. With endless sweets and various cheese-filled dishes, your body may be feeling tired. Get yourself back on track with fiber, greens and probiotics, helping your body and mind recover and re-energize. Instead of adding shopping and cooking to your end of the holidays’ to-do list, try a powder, such as Foundation Four that you can add to your water or a smoothie in the morning. Check out the Foundation Four reviews to see how people have benefited with increased energy and focus.

Recover From Your Vacation

Holiday vacations are fun and relaxing, but also somehow exhausting at the same time. Plan a day to relax and recuperate before you go back to work. Spend some time outdoors, read a book, snuggle with your cat, whatever helps you recover. Taking the time to address self-care minimizes your vacation fatigue, allowing you to prepare your mind for your upcoming week.

Make a To-Do List

Before you head back to work, take some time to create a list prioritizing your tasks. Do this the day prior, so you do not feel rushed or anxious on the morning of your return. Start small and avoid tackling new projects. Instead, focus on duties that require the least amount of time and effort. Accomplishing things right away helps you feel confident and ready to take on other aspects of your job.

Ease Into Your Week

If you can, plan to go back to the office during the middle of the week. Jumping into a Monday schedule can be overwhelming after a break. Scheduling a mid-week start date gives you the breathing space you need to get back into the flow of things without feeling pressured.

Freshen up Your Workspace

Take some time to clean and refresh your space. Bring in a plant or photo that makes you happy. A workspace that is vibrant, fresh and free of clutter helps you feel energized and focused. Organize your drawers and your desk so you feel clear-headed and prepared for your day.

Plan Breaks

Heading full speed ahead into your workweek after a vacation can make you feel burned out and stressed. You do not have to overwork yourself simply because you were gone. Plan moments to relax into your day. Set reminder alarms for small breaks every few hours. Decompress, grab some water or a snack, socialize or get some fresh air. Afterward, you will be better able to address your necessary tasks.

Connect With Others

You may want to put your head down and get back to work but taking some time to interact with your co-workers makes you happier and more productive. Discuss what you did over the holidays, swap stories or look at pictures during your breaks.

You may also want to plan a get-together with friends from the office. Having an event to look forward to later in the week helps you keep your energy up. Spending some time outside of work with your co-workers also creates bonds that make your workdays more enjoyable.

Dress to Impress (Yourself)

How you look affects the way you feel. Plan enough time in the morning to make yourself look and feel fabulous. Feeling put-together helps you have the confidence to tackle your projects with ease.

Take the time to prepare yourself for getting back to work after the holidays. Do not expect to conquer every pending obligation immediately. Allow yourself to ease back into your everyday schedule, and you will be back to full motivation and productivity in no time.