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I had so many from our community asking this question. What to do when we feel stuck in a career? Middle career crisis, burned out, no passion, not feeling who we are… To overcome the situation, there are things you might not do. And check out the absolute 3 things that work!

Don’t quit drastically – Appreciate instead!

What is the point of appreciating a job when you’re already fed up with it? The answer is, yes, it is a must, and it is possible. Patience is your ally. While waiting for something to pop up, enjoy as much as you can. Remember the Law of Attraction? Every thought has two faces. One is what you want. The other is what you don’t want. Focus your attention on what you want, not the other.

Quitting a job drastically might put you in financial stress. This does not help with your wallet, neither your vibration. Always find a better thought, how small it can be. Feel grateful for your current job. For example, thanks to your company, you can pay for your rent!

When I came back from burnout, life seemed to continue! I had no other choice than to restart working. You might imagine how I felt. Difficult to be motivated. However, instead of focusing on this feeling, I put all my attention on the most positive things. In the meantime, I built the digital business that I am enjoying so much today.

So, stay in your job a little bit more, with the absolute knowing that things are impermanent. Believe me, everything will change for the best. Meaningful changes come gradually, and mostly when you don’t even notice it! Remember, all’s well that ends well!

Don’t search where there is light – Do window shopping!

Remember the story where a man was looking for a key he lost near the road light? A passenger asked: “Did you lose your key here?” He answered: “No I didn’t. But there is light here so I can easily search.” You might be doing the same. Do not look for a job opportunity in the same area you worked before, because simply you think there are more job offers.

Think out of the box! I’ve been working in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years. All I searched was pharma or the like. And guess what? How could I find passion where I already lost it?

So don’t hesitate to go window shopping in some areas you never thought you would. Wait and see, something will pop up. And things you’ve just not imagined enough! I became an entrepreneur, without never thinking I would!

Don’t work – Go on holiday!

Remember, effort is your enemy ! Take some time off is a great idea! This is particularly true and helpful when you’re feeling stuck, bored-out, burned out, and lack of passion. It changes your air and your mind!

If your time and finance can afford, take as long as you can. Also, try some new adventures in the activities you like. It might not necessarily be costly. It can be hobbies, volunteering… Meet new people. Visit new countries. Do new things. With your surprise, you might come up with some great ideas about where to start!

Also, who knows, your current feeling of being stuck might be an illusion. Are you truly unhappy, or just in need of some time to relax? Taking some time off can untie you of your responsibilities. Sometimes you can even think of moving your lifestyle to consume less, and work less! Passion might gradually show it up.

So, if you ever feel stuck in a career, middle career crisis, burned out, no passion, not feeling who you are… Think about these 3 things before going to bed tonight. 1) Don’t quit drastically, appreciate instead. 2) Don’t look where there is light, think out of the box in your search. And 3) Stop any effort, take a break! These are simple, but it works! Promise to write to me when you feel better (and especially when you’re gone far from the current company!)

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