…failure is painful, but regret is a burden…

Be honest with yourself, are you happy with your life? Is this the life that you really want for yourself? If not, read this piece of shit!

You have dreams

Maybe you want to buy a house, maybe you want to quit your job.. but you are afraid. We always make excuses when we are afraid of something, we want this, or that but we will not do it.

It’s a natural thing, if we believe that there is a possibility that something might not go as intended, we will not do it. Everything we do has consequences, and they can be good or bad. If doing something can result in bad consequences, it is harder for us to decide on doing it; even if good results can benefit us greatly. It’s hard to do something that can get us to something better if there is something to lost.

Who are you afraid of?

We are not afraid of doing something, we are afraid of failure. I am afraid, and you are afraid as well. But I believe that we are actually not afraid of failing, you know what we’re afraid of? We are afraid of failing in front of someone!

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In front of whom are you afraid to fail? Family? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Boss? Sister? Friends? There must be someone, if there is no one then you will not be afraid. Why? Because no one will know about your failure, but someone exists and you are afraid of him.

You must step out from the comfort zone

I can’t remember when someone did something big while being in their comfort zone, it’s called comfort zone for a reason. It’s comfort, it’s routine, everyday it’s the same. When something different happened, you were out of your comfort zone.

Step out of your comfort zone, and maybe, just maybe, you will not be afraid. Afraid of failing in front of someone.

The most important resource

Time is your most important resource. The money will come and go, the food will come and go, but time… my friend, time will just go. Will never come again. If you lost your time reading this article, and if you think that you didn’t learn something new then you made a wrong decision, you lost your time here; you will never get that time back.

Do it

Be careful with your time, and if you are not happy, get out from your comfort zone, and change something.

Opportunities will not come to you, you create your own opportunities. All of us feel the fear, but the trick is to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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