It is with great pleasure that we are here with you now. We wish for you to be more accepting of the cosmic support, the higher frequency transmissions, that are offered you at this time. Understand it is you with your willingness and openness to adhere to these frequencies. They are many and they are coming in with great intensity for you to absorb, internalize and utilize. When you are in a more relaxed state, you will be more apt to receive and internalize what is offered you from above.

Take the time that you need to be more with the solitude of yourselves, to reflect and to feel the emotions you have been burying deep within you. When you do this … when you take this time for you, you will be more able to feel. These lowering vibrations within you are not supporting you.

Release the anger, the judgement, guilt, worry, doubt, insecurity. Fear blocks and suppresses your creative, intuitive abilities. Release all that is blocking you. This is the time to allow these deep buried emotions and memories to rise and surface. Choose to let them go firmly and lovingly.

This is the time to be more in your inner state, to go within and Be more in your quiet. You are being offered the time to do this. You will have the clarity you wish for. With these downloads of high vibrational love and light frequencies, you will have the clarity, courage, and confidence that you need to move forward in most positive and expansive ways.

We wish for you to trust more and know that spirit is with you always and even more so now, supporting you through this immense process of growth as a species. You have divine assistance available to you. Call on your team of angels and guides. They are here to support you, to guide you in all areas of your life.

It is time to recognize that you are the power to create the world you wish to live in. The time is now to access and activate your inner light and soul power and use it to manifest new beginnings for the greater good of all.

And so it is.

With light & love, ~Joanna

Channeled message from the Masters