Fashion is not less than an art. It may seem that curating the right wardrobe for yourself is a thoughtless and trivial task, but the clothes you wear define who you are.

Therefore it’s extremely necessary to not just wear what looks the most attractive but also what feels comfortable and right. And attractiveness will follow.

In that essence, let’s talk about how to feel comfortable with the right clothes.

1. Know your personality

Whether you are quirky, classic, flamboyant, or quiet, your clothes should always depict that. That’s how you make sure that clothes look and feel unique, and it aligns the best in your day-to-day life.

Know yourself then pick out your clothes according to your mood and personality. May be even try a different style to pick up a new mood and a new outlook on your daily life.

For this you’ll also need to understand how clothes talk about personality. And if you are not willing to invest in the many nuances of fashion, then just look up to the fashion of a celebrity who you think suits your personality the best.

And if you happen to be looking for some blouses that can suit your personality, then we recommend you checking some great shops in the internet.

2. Fit

Get all the numbers on your body. Invest in buying the clothes to fit you the best or if they don’t then get them tailored.

No matter how good a clothing piece looks in general, if it doesn’t fit, it won’t look good and you won’t feel great about it. If you don’t believe it, try looking at people with ill-fitting shirts and suits. You’ll understand.

3. Know your body

Everyone is unique, and that is also true for your body. Get an idea of your shape, your size and your skin.

Don’t worry there are a lot of things that will look good on your no matter what your body looks like. And it’s also true that no matter how attractive you are, if you don’t buy the right clothes then you won’t look your best.

So, get an idea of what fit, what size and what color compliments your body.

4. Buy something that lets you move

Don’t just stand when you try on something new. Yes, maybe, that’s how you’ll spend most of the time wearing it but try moving around in it.

Jump around a bit, run and crouch to see if the clothes feel comfortable in all of your postures. You can still skip trying out every posture but never skip sitting.

A person arguably spends more time sitting that he or she spends standing. So, sit in the garment and make sure it still feels comfortable and looks good.


So that’ll be it for this article.

We hope that you got some useful information from our piece. We tried to keep in minimal because fashion and setting up a wardrobe will always be subjective to the person.

But we tried to mention all the things that are important to remember no matter what. Some of those points often get forgotten or neglected and those who are careful, stand out in a crowd.

With that, thank you for reading and we wish you well on your journey.