Feeling fat almost sabotaged my relationship.

I used to believe that my body size tolerable, but a disadvantage. I believed that someone would have to “get over” my weight in order to love me.

The truth was, I needed to get over it.

The first time Tommy saw my body, was by giving me a massage. My back was killing me so he brought over candles, aromatherapy and massage oil. Amazing right?
Well, not if you’re ashamed of your body!!

I was down to my undies, mortified, becoming more and more tense as the massage went on.

I literally thought to myself:“Oh god, he can see my cellulite and my rolls. He must be disgusted. He’s gonna bolt after this.”

I couldn’t enjoy the massage.

Then I snapped out of it. It occurred to me that I had 3 choices:

1. I could suffer through the massage.

2. I could stop the massage.

3. I could LET HIM DECIDE what body type he likes/dislikes and enjoy this massage from a gorgeous man.

I chose #3 and it changed my life.

The idea of letting HIM decide his preferences instead of me deciding FOR HIM was revolutionary for me. In the past, I’d been so afraid of rejection, especially related to my body, that anytime I was at risk of it, I pulled away.

So instead of suffering or pulling away, I let him decide what he likes and enjoyed the damn massage… and it turns out he likes my body. In fact he loves it!

After that day, I made a promise to myself to never let my body issues become his problem. I promised that I would never use him for validation or reassurance about my body. He’s made it quite clear that he’s into this! The rest is for ME to sort out with me.

My Power Love training continues to impact my relationship and the relationships that my clients are now in.

Ask yourself- AM I WORTH IT?

It’s time to say YES TO YOU. It’s time to jump in… no matter how big the SPLASH 😉


  • Michelle Baxo

    Empowerment Coach

    Power Love Woman

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