I love my roommate. 

She’s been a roomie for 2 years and I have to say that she is one of the kindest people I have ever met. 

Quincy was a rescue, they were going to put him down because he was too old, but she convinced them to let her adopt him. 

Quincy got sick many times and she so lovingly took care of him, (like I said, the kindest person I have ever met).

Last week she told me that she was moving out. 

She had gotten an amazing rent-free opportunity that she just couldn’t turn down.

I was happy for her but sad to hear it.

In the past, I would have been triggered big time, but this time I wasn’t at all phased.

In the past, (the very past) feelings of abandonment would have knocked me on my butt and I would have asked victim mentality questions like…

“Where am I going to find someone else?”

“How am I going to find the right person?”

“I don’t want to go through this again!”

I have come a long way from that time, a testament to the Power of Transformation.

You can train yourself to change your state and it starts with your thoughts.

Your evolution and transformation begins with your thoughts. 

It’s a Practice, but also one of the most rewarding things you can do. 

Now I have thoughts like…

“I can’t wait to see who my next roomie will be!”

“I know I will find the Perfect person. Done Deal.”

Here’s the thing about Human Evolution and Transformation:

Empowering thoughts lead to empowering choices.

Empowering choices lead to empowering behaviors.

Empowering behaviors lead to empowering experiences. 

Empowering experiences lead to empowering emotions. 

Empowering emotions inspire you to think in creative ways so that you can create the future you dream of. 

This is how you do it.  

In any given moment you have CHOICE. 

You have the Power to CHOOSE how you want to feel and that starts with how you interpret the situations that upset you. 

When you do this you stay in alignment with what you want to create in the world.  

PS – Choose interpretations that Serve You and what you were born to contribute to this world.

How do you feel good when you are upset?

Here is a 4 Step Process:

1. Ask yourself, “Is there another way I can interpret this situation?” There is Always a different way to interpret something. 

2. Be aware of your specific thoughts. What specifically are you saying to yourself in relation to and about that situation? It’s so easy to think on ‘autopilot’, awareness is Key to change. 

3. Ask yourself “How do I know this to be True?” Because your emotional reaction is based on your interpretation, there is no way for you to know the ‘truth’ of what is happening in other people’s minds. It’s actually a question that will liberate you.

4. Choose new thoughts that support a new interpretation.

 This process is a Practice. 

When you practice it over time you will find that your experience of life will become elevated and you will magnetize so many wonderful new people, places and things.


  • Ilyse Soutine

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