If you’ve ever felt super guilty sitting around and doing “nothing” (AKA meditating), let me ask you this. Do you feel guilty when you take time to exercise? Or when you take a shower? Or when you eat a nourishing and nutritious meal? Probably not.

So why would you feel guilty when you meditate? In my book, meditation falls into the category of the most fundamental forms of self-care. It’s an investment in your well-being and it’s anything but selfish.

Caring well for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is not self-indulgent, it’s of service to the world. When you heal your shit, you heal the world. And if your inner light is dialled down to dim, how can you shine a light for others?

You won’t win any awards for being a hot mess, or having a hot temper or being hamstrung to unhealthy habits (meditation can help with all of those things, BTW). This isn’t a competition on who can be the least-well-looked after human. So stop shaming yourself for looking after yourself. That’s a bullshit way of living and it serves no one. Remember this: meditation is an investment, not an indulgence. And it pays dividends for you and for all of those who cross your path.

So go forth and care for yourself proudly. You deserve it. And the world deserves the best version of you. 

P.S. Mamas and papas—- if you have little ones, hear this: it’s your duty to set an example of exceptional self-care. Show them the ropes and lead by example.