I work alongside therapists and practitioners who do some incredible work to help their patients every day. It’s an honor to bear witness to it. They also have an incredibly giving heart, and care for each of the people they work alongside.

Last year was a very difficult year for me, due to family health scares. The toll it took on my mental health was evident to my colleagues at work.

To show their support, my coworkers got together and created a joy jar for me. A joy jar is a jar full of quotes, and kind words that loved ones put in a jar for the person to read when they are feeling sad. It not only made me feel hopeful for brighter days ahead, but it showed me just how much they cared and valued my contribution to their work. Each quote and kind word was very personalized to me. It made me feel very seen during a time where I felt very alone with my hard feelings.

Kindness and thoughtfulness towards others goes such a long way. This act provided me with hope that there would be better days to come.


  • Sarah Rudman

    Healthcare Operations Manager

    I have 7+ years of experience working on the business side of the outpatient mental health care practices. I've worked with every aspect of the business from intake to insurance. I'm currently a healthcare operations manager for a mental health and ABA therapy organization.