How we can serve ourselves and others and what we can do is both skill based and intuitive. The unknown zone of intuition is a huge untapped resource where our ‘feeling’ gifts are also our ‘human assets’. In life, home and business, we focus on physical tangible assets, however the basis of my work is focused on the non-physical assets or our intuitive gifts that then engage and interact with the physical skill sets. Fuelling our personal wellbeing and awareness through unlocking the energy of our heart based ‘feeling’ gifts optimises our ability to help ourselves and others.

I see the intuitive realm as inseparable from our skill sets because the two operating in balance bring forth the wholeness of who we are as higher potential in flow. Being able to serve is where we create deep connection within ourselves and with others. However, how we conduct ourselves and maintain our own wellbeing directly affects the services and skills we provide for others in our lives and professions.

For me, self-love underpins everything we are able to give and receive in life. To some that may sound a little selfish however there’s a clear line between being selfish and self-love where our ability to deeply celebrate ourselves regardless of our many emotional challenges is a healthy state of being.

True self-love through celebration opens the heart to being vulnerable and empowered at the same time – the interdependence of opposites and compliments. Our ability to share is an important part of this where we can open up to our flaws and feel supported and loved in any context. Most of the time our inner-critic is the ‘enemy’ however it’s also the ‘wounded soldier’ from the past looking for assistance. Moving through our perceived unhealthy inner-dialogue with more compassion, acceptance and forgiveness is the rapid exit strategy.

Our ability to love ourselves influences all areas of our lives. I know that my own story when my marriage fell apart over 6 years ago now, both of us were reflecting these victim-perpetrator roles that were steeped in seeking attention from each other. The issue was that we were so blinded by our own wounded issues there was literally no chance of us being able to help each other. The heart pain was immense and necessary.

Looking back, the relationship disintegration was the kindest and most compassionate outcome for both of us to begin our deeper healing process. We essentially had to build better relationships with ourselves first before we could help each other. I truly believe we limit our ability to be of ‘service’ if we don’t delve into these hidden aspects of our ability to love ourselves. Everyone has an opportunity to reveal their healing story in one way or another. The difference is in how you celebrate it and hold deep compassion and forgiveness.

From this more heart-centred space, our ‘human assets’ or ‘gifts’ reveal themselves through vulnerability, feeling and surrender rather than hard-work, criticism and analysis. Our feelings become the focus and that’s what we connect with when we give and receive love. The relationship we build with ourselves through observing and understanding our feelings is the first one that counts. Life unravels from there.

If you’re interested in connecting and learning more about Empowered Self-Love, email me on [email protected]. Look forward to your reply.


  • Gina Yallamas

    Urban Shaman and Transformational Life Coach

    ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ Lao Tsu Gina works as an Urban Shaman specialising in Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. This field of Energy Medicine is all about accessing heart-based frequencies to recalibrate imbalances and optimise energetic frequencies to support self-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. After completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she began navigating energy through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After discovering various other energetic gifts established through many spiritual courses, Reiki and Channelling, she intuitively connected with her own guides and Inner Coach to begin a whole new multi-dimensional education to reveal Quantum and Shamanic healing abilities. Her expertise as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach provides deep foundations for personal growth and development. Combining her gifts as an Intuitive Guided Healer, Shaman and Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she helps you navigate your inner terrain by holding a safe space in which acceptance and trust can thrive and allow you to connect back to your intuitive potential. Her passion and mission is to provide healing and coaching for other wellness practitioners and professionals so they can enjoy their journey, embrace their potential and expand into their own gifts through accessing their Inner Coach.