Photo by Sherise VD on Unsplash

Three simple steps to feeling grounded, calm and collected, right now. 

The world has so much to offer us, it’s a beautiful buffet of delicious experiences. For some of my clients, it is overwhelming. This is why they hire me. They have lost track of who they are inside of all the social media images and the plethora of options on top of living through a pandemic… It’s like the ground is constantly shifting. It causes feeling of uncertainty, even agitation, and anxiety.

It is understandable to feel this way with all the stimulation coming at us from T.V, magazines & social media. The best place to start is by slowing way down, like, in every way with these 3 simple steps.

  1. Grounding physically Notice the ground beneath you, the gravity holding you… Stay there for a few moments a day. Feel Your feet when you’re walking. Feel your seat when you’re sitting. Feel your body in contact with the surface when you’re lying down.
  2. Grounding thoughts. Ever really notice what you are thinking about yourself? If you are feeling disconnected from self, take a day to write down your negative thoughts about yourself as they come. Are these things you would say to a friend, to a small child? If so you likely don’t have many healthy friendships. Relationships must be nurtured with kindness and this starts with your relationship with yourself.
  3. Grounding energetically. We are made of energy. Maybe you’ve noticed at time when you entered a room that felt off somehow. Then you learn that an argument had just taken place there. The energy of the argument hangs around. Ever noticed if you chose to feel gratitude for something, even a conflict, you can see if from new perspective? That energy of gratitude shifts you into possibility and out of resistance to the truth that life is 50 % good, 50% not-so-good and all shades of each. It gives you space to see how everything that is happening around you is happening for you. So take a moment to notice what treasures there are in the moment, in any moment.


If you’d like a compassionate guide to help you find your way, I have 2 more free coaching sessions this month. Here’s a link if you’d like to play together to feel more grounded, calm and collected. I will share three coaching tools to help you get where you want to be   : )