Feeling Uninspired

The last 12 months has had a hugely detrimental effect on our motivation and energy levels. It’s not surprising that many of us have started to feel distracted and lacklustre when it comes to life in general.

There’s surely no right or wrong way to feel or act at the moment as we’re all dealing with the unknown. If the best we can do is get out of bed then that in itself is an achievement.

But could we use this time to get back on track whatever our goals? The current situation has left many of us feeling out of control, but if we try to focus our energy on what we can control it may be a way to find our motivation and regain a sense of normality.

Motivation is what gets us up in the morning and what drives us to make things happen. It can be both positive and negative – both types can be effective in different circumstances. However it’s much easier to do something because you want to rather than doing it because you fear the consequences of not doing it.

A good place to start finding direction is by appreciating what you already have. By focusing on what’s going well will make us happier and more productive. Routines often shape our existence and can play an important role in building a sense of fulfilment.

To be successful and do more in our lives we need to start to develop good habits. This process can help us to find our motivation and regain a feeling of power.

Break It Down

Setting a new goal and creating a plan of action can help give us back our sense of drive. If we focus on small tasks or break bigger projects down into smaller goals, we can start to build momentum without getting overwhelmed.

Committing to an action, no matter how small, is a great way to create motivation. Once we get started we’ll feel more inclined to carry on.

Getting our life together means taking more responsibility for where we want to go. We all have the power to be more disciplined, it’s up to us. Taking charge of our life comes through action.

We all have specific abilities, talents and skills and it’s important to recognize and acknowledge our own worth. Playing to our strengths also means using them in an appropriate situation, at the right time and to the right degree. Whether we’re starting a new fitness regime or beginning a new job we all need to think about our value and the direction we would like our life to go in.

Positive Reinforcement

To stay motivated we need to be intentional about our behaviours to be sure we are staying on the right path. We need to recognise any negative self-talk and learn to focus on the benefits, not the difficulties of the task. The truth is, our inner voice can have a much bigger influence on the way we see ourselves and the world around us than we realize.

We should try to schedule rewards for ourselves when we accomplish our goals, it’s important to celebrate our successes. Small pleasures are essential in helping us to achieve our aims. 

An elevated mood lends itself well towards a positive outlook.  It helps us restore feelings of happiness, fills us with energy and helps us to gain perspective in order to pursue our dreams.