HOW we perceive, nurture, block, facilitate, label, handle and relate to our feelings is what makes the difference.

Feelings are at the heart of our emotions. At the very foundation of every emotional issue lies one main question:

“How do I want to feel?”

The follow up questions that would be best suited to jump in quickly after that are:

  • “How am I choosing to feel?”

  • “Is the choice I have made on how to feel the same as what I want to feel?”

  • “If the choice is not the same, then what do I do to get it to be in the same place?”

Your body is your experiential vehicle. There are no feelings without your body. Your body communicates through feeling. It communicates with itself, the environment and to other people, places and things.

Our bodies are wired for pleasure and connection. When our bodies feel full of pleasure they usually feel connected as well. When our bodies feel displeasure, chances are, they also feel disconnected and this signals the brain that something is out of the norm. 

When you feel displeasure, do you stop to figure out what is out of the zone of things that would fortify pleasure for you? Do you pad it with medication? 

When you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything “wrong”, do you dig deeper into the things that are going on with you socially and emotionally? Are there old injuries that have healed in ways that caused imbalances in your muscles? Have you examined things from a 360 degree perspective? Is is possible that old trauma is still trapped in your body and was never given the opportunity to complete its cycle?

It is important to explore how you truly want to feel in contrast to how you are choosing to allow yourself to feel. When you know what you desire to feel, your body can guide you to it. When there are deficits in pleasure, there will always be messages from your body signaling you to explore a remedy. The remedy can be through tons of different things. You have to get to know your body to learn what it is telling you to do. It can be signaling you to: shift how you are breathing, adjust how you are eating, get yourself hydrated, that you need to leave a relationship, run for help, find a new job, get outside help, the possibilities are endless.

Beware your mind can get in the way and cause you to put the feelings of others before yours, that can knock you off track from feeling how you truly want to feel. Stay honest with yourself. Your body is always honest with you. You have to really take the time to actually hear what it is saying.

Your vehicle, your body, is your best friend and it is extremely intelligent. It might be time to have a conversation with your best friend, starting with “How do I want to feel?” and “am I choosing to feel that way?” If you aren’t in alignment with that desired feeling, what steps do you have to take to get there? Your body knows. It is time to listen and explore all of your options.