Feeling happy during a pandemic almost sounds like a contradiction in terms.

With all the serious issues currently facing us, it seems like the pursuit of feeling good might not only be viewed as ignorant, but even selfish and shameful.

When in truth, the only way to be truly happy and healthy is to feel good first.

Not only is it important for us to feel happy for our own sake, but it keeps us healthy and able to serve and support others who need our light during some of these dark days.

Feelings are feedback—indicators about whether or not we are aligned with our inner guidance.

So why is feeling good ever looked at as a bad thing? Because in a world of logic and reason, we’ve been taught that following our feelings is a sign of weakness.

Feeling good is the key to alignment, and alignment is the key to our health and wellness.

Want proof? Just pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.

When you do this, you may discover that many of your thoughts are focused on fear, uncertainty, and doubt—especially during this time of transformation.

And you when you’re thinking those thoughts, the feelings that match them will also appear.

Thoughts and feelings are connected.

Although our feelings are certainly real and valid, they’re also giving us the opportunity to take action and shift our awareness.

It depends on our focus

When we focus our thoughts on things that are positive and uplifting, we will feel happier and healthier. Like attracts like.

So, the question remains: Where are you choosing to place your focus?

Choose wisely.

Be safe. Be healthy. Be well.

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg is a life transformation coach, best-selling author, and founder of The White Box Club™ — live coaching and resources for people in career transition. Find his syndicated blogs on Thrive Global, Medium, and The Huffington Post. Learn more at connect.michaelcreative.com

Image: Houseboat in Kerala, India