So, remember we addressed the concept of a “difficult” woman. That, in actuality, our high powered dames are really FIERCE Ladies! A type of fierceness, that few would comprehend, and even distant themselves from. Fierce women don’t care! Fierce queens tell things as they are; and make no apologies for speaking the truth on current realities. If they observe imbalance, they call it out. If they witness discrimination, they address it. They’ll deal with whatever backlash, gracefully or not. Yet, what you can never say is that they will compromise their integrity, or right to be heard.

Our fierce dames are in every profession, imaginable. In the entertainment industry, there is one lady, who makes the very essence of fierceness, her energy of inspiration! She’s been hated. She’s been praised. She’s had to deal with negative press, before the good. Yet, one thing you can’t say about the one and only-

Azealia Banks


. . .is that she caves into the status quoa! In her world, that’s very uncommon! FIERCE DARLIN’! FIERCE!


In major press streams, we often hear Azealia Banks depicted as a negative. Many times her words are purposefully miscontrued. FIERCE LADY 101: Always stay true to what you believe! Its clear that Miss Banks lives by that. She says what she says, and she means what she means! Take it how you want! Hear what you want to hear. Read how you want to read it. Yet, her words are very clear! No sugar mixed to sweeten her cereal bowl. That’s for sure.

One of the phenomenal factors of singer, rapper, dancer, actress, and songwriter, Azealia Banks, is that, contrary to dominant belief, she is not just “all talk.” Her music, music videos, and lyrical persuasion makes it very clear that she is an unsual artist-whose aesthetics truly guides you into a different world. A fantasy and a reality. The ability to maneuver in, out, around, through, and between each one. When you are one of those talented gatekeepers of music and visual artistry, you seek perfection! You work and perform authenticity. Such aesthetics and artistry is nothing to play around with. It really isn’t. Furthermore, it is one of those realms, which has proved itself as a real treasure. A treasure of the heavens! Azealia understand this, and she respects heaven’s gifts!


Let’s not confuse her critical observation, as a way for her to prove her contribution to musical artistry. That has already been proven.

U.S rapper Azealia Banks performs on the main stage at Wireless festival in Finsbury Park, north London, Saturday, July 5, 2014. The first festival took place in June 2005 and was staged in Hyde Park. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

One of the things that we can truly learn from Azealia Banks is how she identifies contradictions, restraints, and imbalances, in the mainstream entertainment and music industries. It is a particular skill and craft, that very few can master. Through her words, (in whatever tone she presents them), Banks guides us into seeing things, which are invisible. Laying out societal issues, she give us something to think about. Things which are not going to be articulated in other media platforms. While many of us just want to be happy about our favorite artists, dancing to their tunes (That’s not a bad thing, by the way), Azealia Banks is also that subtle reminder and “wake-up” factor. She reminds us of that other lens. That light, who shines on the hidden dangers, invisible to us. Different tones and vocal patterns are used in how she conveys them. Now, because of their boisterious texture, this may make people very uncomfortable. Furthermore, it may also “offend” people.

Well, it depends on the type of people or type of person, you are?

If you are a person, who only wants the superficial, then you are going to be. . .offended. If you are someone, who doesn’t like to think, or be a critical thinker, then you wil get. . .offended. Enough said! Those who don’t mind being entertained, while also having a critical eye, will listen-even if they don’t understand or agree. By listening, some will even explore the subject matter further, and experience the truth within her statements.

Recently, in addition to her latest single, Miss Banks has been featured in the press again. A previous comment on another well-known superstar has further inflammed the evil-vixen imagery, that the media likes for us to paint of. . . Azealia Banks! Ah! Another example as to how our FIERCE WOMEN are crucified. Their words purposefully miscontrued, so that you remain tone deaf to the wisdom and truth, they are trying to direct you to. As our “difficult dames,” our Fierce Women challenge us. Yet, they have a different style. Their inner fire has an eccentric way of getting a message across. Short. Sweet. Direct. Bringing in their own personality, and personal flair to get a point across.

Lesson #2 in our FIERCE LADY 101: You can be emotional, breakdown of a wreck. Its part of your truth, who you are, and your personal journey. YOUR STORY!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Markku Ulander/REX/Shutterstock (9072529e) Azealia Banks Azelia Banks in concert at the Circus Helsinki, Finland – 24 Sep 2017

In Azealia Bank’s career, we have seen those moments of her crying, getting angry, and willingness to be vulnerable to convey her Being. Her “emotional breakdowns” or however, the media puts it, are actually one of her personal methodologies of truth telling. Azealia Banks teaches us that she is human. She embraces and performs her humanity, through her career, her presentation, and what she speaks. Banks’ fierceness comes through in her natural element of just. . .being real! Fierce women are fire! Simultaneously, they are human. Complex women, whose richness and words allows them to direct many paths into hidden knowledge. They are like those magical figures and fairies, who lay hints and clues towards our next steps. They are those Beings, who print the riddles and clues, while we are inside of a maze; doing so in order to assist our way out.

Fierce, Baby!

So, now that we have that clear, let’s take a step back. Pause. Wait for it. Look again! Presenting a FIERCE WOMAN, in the U.S. entertainment industry, the beloved. . .

Azealia Banks. . .


Now, after digging a little deeper, and hearing a different perspective, we can try to view this R&B, Hip Hop songstress and genius, in a different light. Before, we are quick to jump on the entertainment bandwagon; concerning how other people see her, let’s view how she sees. . .herself. What we can learn from her, and how she uses her vision, to get us to see her. . .in her own FIERCE way!

River Banks of Fierceness to See Her Inner Fire In You!;)