One of the joys of the southeastern part of the United States are the traces of Cuban delights. The state of Florida is a space where the performance of salsa, and her rhythm, allows people to move in a way as if they were back on that island. Of course, I have never been there. Anticipation? Definitely. Nevertheless, I am limited in my ability to truly capture the aesthetics in the nation of Cuba. That’s why music is so powerful. It travels. Music is soothing and comfortable. There is a natural allure in being able to feel the rhythm and beat of a nation, from afar. It means that a person is greatly in tune with the Universal arena of music. It is phenomenal. Its nourishing. It heals!

Being in Florida, the sounds of Gloria Estefan, continued to guide and sooth my Spirit, during these difficult times. When you enter into the world of this state, you cannot help, but to think about the Miami Sound Machine! What they gave to the world, and how they channeled the Cuban vibe was especially, Divine!

Hearing Gloria Estefan, in this spacing, is clearly a moment of restoration. Experiencing the bounties of rejuvenation. Its so important to take the time in going through a period of mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing. You have ventured into a period of challenges, and the current circumstances have found themselves to be extremely heavy. Frustrations and agony wins over. Things are not pushing through as one would desire, and individuals are finding themselves to be in even more emotional pain, than what one is expecting. Its painful! One is feeling as if the world has stopped, and contrary to what many believe, there is an awakening of what it translates as pushing through during these difficult times.

Its amazing how drastic changes in time, allows one to feel the beauty of good music. It was that music we heard in the 80’s and 90’s. Gloria Estefan is one of those living legends, who enriched the Cuban experience for Americans to see. Her band, the Miami Sound Machine truly brought those essentials for USA soiling. There was just something personal about the songs she performed. Something about their aura, which illuminates a certain momentum to the arena of love, and simply living.

Listening to the song, “Get On Your Feet,” by Gloria Estefan, was definitely needed for the soothing of many persons’ mental and emotional psyche. During a time when things seem confusing, hardened, and uncertain, there are certain songs, which get us moving. Keeping us producing, and flourishing, as we continue to build the future into the happiness, we wish to see. It is a vibrant and colorful feeling when we are able to move through the pains and challenges of life’s difficulties.

The lyrics are powerful and refreshing, especially, as it deals with those who have known success, and are experiencing the setbacks of the current times. Its that fight song, that many of us could use right about now. That we should have been using, all along. Fighting in one of the most colorful ways that we could imagine.

You say I know its a waste of time There’s no use trying So scared that life’s gonna pass you by Your spirit dying Not long ago I could feel your strength and your devotion What was so clear, is now overcast With mixed emotions Deep in your heart is the answer Find it, I know it will pull you through

When COVID-19 hit nations, the world stopped. The year 2020 was meant to be a year of complete rewards and fruition. It was that year for human advancement, and achievement! Guess what? It still can be, just that. Perhaps, the 2020 year was a period meant to distinguish those, who could truly move in the way that creativity and productivity is meant to be. “Not long ago, I could feel your strength and your devotion; What was so clear, is now overcast; With mixed emotions.” In these very lyrics alone, we have to assess what actually happened. There is a very important question, which lingers on with these particular lyrics, alone. Did humanity give the corona epidemic as an excuse to not push pass certain limitations and expand into greater heights, we had decided for ourselves? This is something to truly take note of and assess. On a personal level, is that something that individuals have turned to? The first verse of “Get On Your Feet,” by Gloria Estefan defiantly appeals to that memory. Do you remember when you decided that this was going to be your year?

You say I know its a waste of time There’s no use trying So scared that life’s gonna’ pass you by Your spirit dying

There are clearly many broken Spirits, during this particular time. Many people are dealing with the pain of losing jobs, financial opportunities, and gain. A number of people are currently struggling, at this particular point in time. So, when you are more focused on unexpected survival, dreams simply go out of the window. Its a given fact. People are not going to worry about fulfilling dreams, if they have to put food on the table. OR Is that really true?

One of the joys of being able to fulfill one’s dreams, in the period of quarantine, is that we are able to re-assess our dreams. How does it feel knowing that maybe, just maybe, this particular plan will work a little better. Perhaps the old plan would not have suited you in the way, that you deserved. Its even possible, and likely, that maybe the first plan towards your dreams, would have short changed many of your entire efforts. For Gloria Estefan to place the spiritual sector, within her very work, implies that human is not solely going through a physical change, but also a spiritual one!

As we further assess the work of Gloria Estefan, and its connection to this song, we are coming more in contact with the understanding of wanting to be out of the “rat race.” People are tired of having to “survive.” Running around, as deadened machines, for someone else’s gain. Having to worry, consistently filled with anxiety, in not understanding why life has to be so “hard.” Its scary. Furthermore, it is part of that allure in understanding that there is an essential elixir in learning how to go with the flow of life. The fruits and joys of being alive is what makes things that more salacious!

“I think its true that we’ve all been through Some nasty weather Let’s understand that we’re here To handle things together You gotta’ keep looking onto tomorrow There’s so much life That’s meant for you”

Since the arrival of COVID-19, our minds have been plagued with images of hopelessness and despair. The current times of riots, protests, and marches in the murders of Black American women and men-Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, and the list of others who have been murdered by police fire is prevalent on our television screens. The United States is on fire-from city to city. I can hear the words of Gloria, as I am here in Orlando, Florida. As her delicate whispers allow me to find peace in the calm. That my mind becomes healed and restored; knowing that no matter what is happening there is work that I must continue to do. That creativity will continue to build. There is no room or time left, in sitting down in defeat. There is work to be done. It is in our creative production, where we can ensure that a happy present, and enjoyable future, will take place.

“Get on your feet Get up and make it happen Get on your feet Stand up and take some action Get on your feet Don’t stop before its over Get on your feet The weight is off your shoulder”

Its the charge that we need right now. Its the call to action in bringing our dreams into fruition! 2020 is still our year! Furthermore, its the charge in being able to reflect upon how these current times, are the right times, for a year of success. Just get up, and let your feet do the talking!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark


  • Lauren K. Clark

    Lauren K. Clark hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, she is a lover of travel, studying different languages, the arts, and more!

    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.