Self-isolation might not be a big deal for introverts, but it’s the extroverts who are really suffering by the hands of social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of us turn to our friends, family or therapists during times of doubt and stress, but the restriction to keep a distance from others can feel emotionally draining and lonely.

Hold your therapy sessions online or over the phone

Even without the fear of a public health crisis, there are many who rely on online therapy to seek treatment for their mental health issues. This is especially beneficial for those in a vulnerable state or under strict quarantine. People who have frequent therapy sessions scheduled with their therapists now have to shift to online or over-the-phone calls to receive the treatment they want. Fortunately, this accessibility gives individuals some sort of relief while they’re housebound since they’re able to access mental health care. Even those who don’t have the availability of internet facilities in their area can talk to their therapists on call and share their emotions freely without any barriers.

Do an online course

Is there anything you always wished to pursue or learn more about? Well, now’s your chance to channel all that free time into something productive and focus on what you truly enjoy. Whether it’s an online culinary course, beginner’s graphic designing, social media marketing or anything else that comes to mind – do it!

There are different platforms that offer short and educational online courses for individuals of all ages for free. You can even enroll for a paid course if you wish to gain a higher certification. The coronavirus outbreak has led people to sit at home and sulk over the situation, but the internet has made it so much easier for us to do almost anything from the comfort of our homes. It’s a productive way to beat loneliness and the unsettling feeling of isolation.

Plan movie nights at home

During these dark times, there are many restrictions limiting us from interacting with the outside world unless necessary, but that doesn’t mean we sit glum and miserable at home. If you live with your family and haven’t been able to give them time because of your hectic work or school schedule, now’s the time to make the most of it. Planning movie nights can be such a fun way to engage with your family as well as a treat for yourself if you live alone. You can make sushi for the whole family and enjoy eating while watching a movie.

Check with your elderly relatives, friends, and neighbors

If you have any elderly relatives in the family, you’ll know how panic situations can make them feel hot and cold. And when you add on a new life-threatening virus to the case, then it can make things a lot more complicated. Many younger individuals are proactively avoiding contact with any older relatives that live with them to prevent passing on the virus to them, even unintentionally. In doing so, one can further intensify the feelings of loneliness amongst individuals.

The best way to go about this would be to regularly check in on our friends, elderly, and neighbors through FaceTime, Skype or other types of video calling to ensure that they’re doing okay. Do your part by picking up some groceries and grabbing all their necessities for them to make their lives as comfortable as possible. By doing small acts of kindness and staying in touch with your relatives and friends can help them stay sane and feel less isolated.