travel to remove anxiety and stress

It was a trip I’ve dreamed about for ages, and I wasn’t about to allow anxiety to get in the way.

But let’s back it up a bit. It wasn’t that long ago that I felt in a rut and needed to make some changes.

I had felt like there was need for an adventure or something to shake up my routine, and that’s when the anxiety started to set in.

What was wrong with me? I never had a fear of flying and wondered what it could be.

It was then that I realized there was almost a sense of complacency with the way things were and that this self-prescribed trip might change that.

At the heart of my fears was concern for my well being. But almost it was almost as if a self destructive alter ego was trying to prevent me from reducing my stress to keep things as they were. I knew it was time to do something.

Shortly after I began to travel, and found it therapeutic. While not at first, taking that first step was the beginning of an amazing journey towards my well being, and I was hooked. Travel became the answer, and as I found an affordable way I was able to enjoy more of it.

I was out there crossing places off my bucket list and stress free. People watching on the streets of Paris, channeling my inner foodie in Osaka, meditating in Bali, and having a ball doing it. In order to get here, it was more than pack my bags and book a flight, which is why I wanted to share what I’ve learned so you might be able to also mend.

Before Your Journey

I’ve found that it all starts with mental preparation and getting yourself into the right mindset. Remind yourself why it is that you want to travel. Also go about planning out your first few days at your destination to help put you there in advance. Look at lots of photos and visualize yourself being there, soaking up the sights and sounds, experiencing and loving every minute. Once you’re packed and set the date, you’re on your way to a calming and mindful destination.

Take Flight

Once you’ve arrived and settled, you’ll want to explore, and starting with some of those places you visualized being at before is the perfect place to start. Should any kind of anxiety or panic occur, take refuge in your hotel room to collect yourself. While it’s good to have a place to retreat, you want to step out of your comfort zone soon and return to enjoying your trip. Avoiding any know triggers that might cause panic attacks or discomfort while traveling also helps you to make the most of your trip.

Travel is a wonderful break and distraction from everyday life, from the planning to your next journey, it’s been a key to my well being and many others I’ve spoken to.

As wellness travel continues to grow, it’s an opportunity to recharge, reflect, and reset.

The positive impact on my own mental health has been notable, and also provide many fond memories as well as new excitement for future trips to enjoy.