Have we ever been at work and one colleague sucking all the energy out of the room and of we with its negativism? Do we sometimes feel overwhelmed by stress and downs especially at work? Here some ways we can change that.

Fight the negative

We power ourselves out

Why that is wrong

If we do over time and lose more and more of our energy we start powering ourselves out. Everyone has a limited energy and burn out is a real threat. It will not help us our team or our company if we become unhappy and unproductive by getting above our limits at work.

How to deal with it

Take time out do meet friends take we own time off to unwind read or do sport. We all need to recharge and get back to our best. Otherwise we will get ourselves in the trap of becoming unhappy and unproductive.

We focus on problems

We are focused on problems

At work or being with friends we should share the good things not only talk about problems and focus ourselves around threats. If we focus ourselves on threats and things that could happen we are in constant survival mode which will cause a lot of stress and sleeping problems.

How to deal with it

Do not feel responsible for everything and everyone all the time. We cannot solve the problems of our life our friends and the middle east conflict or the misery in the world. Focus on good news and look on all the good things we have and that we can make happen even if it is only having a good time with family or friends. Get out of a constant survival and threat mode that will only stress we out. Take 5 minutes every day to focus on the good and blend out all the bad.

We take the job home

We take the job home

Do not go home and take work with we we need to switch off in order to relax and recharge. Do not dwell on an unfinished to do list – we can only give our best at work in the time we have.

How to deal with it

In addition to have a to do list have a done list and have a good look at all that we have completed before leaving the office. Take the feeling that we have given our best that day at work home with we and switch off.

This quote which inspired me when I worked at Disney is still something that I rely on every day:


We do not forgive ourselves

We do not forgive a mistake to ourselves

We have many times a difficult time to forgive ourselves a mistake. When we did make a mistake or have a bad day at work sometimes we are feeling worried and bad about it for a very long time.

How to deal with it

Forgive yourself your own mistakes and move on with a positive attitude. If you have given your best at work and still missed a deadline a target or made a mistake stop worrying endlessly. It is already in the past while you are still worrying about it.

Don’t be your worst critic

We do criticize ourselves worse than most others

We tend to overact and constantly criticize ourselves. We find mistakes where others may even see something good about us. We see problems that are maybe at best minor issues.

How to deal with it

Be nice to yourself. Think about what went well on a bad day. Maybe on a bad day at work you finished thousands of tasks and moved many other things forward in the right direction. You are not having any fatal pain or illness and you even managed to finally get through the day quite well. Tomorrow will be another day to start something great you are the one setting the mood for yourself.

We do not take time enough to reflect and adapt

We do feel sorry for not having achieved goals that we set

How many have already given up on new years resolutions? We often set ourselves a goal and than we feel sorry for ourselves or get frustrated by failure.

How to deal with it

Reflect take 5 minutes a week to reflect on your goals. Adapt your goals to yourself and to your life. We need to rethink and re-set our goals and even the way to achieve them constantly. Do not focus on not getting there focus on where you want to get next and how from where you are.

Conclusion Fight the negative

  • Take care of yourself and your energy do not power yourself out
  • Forgive yourself and be nice to yourself
  • Take time to re-set or readjust what you want to achieve enable yourself to adapt to new situations and create new goals and pathways

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Originally published at crosspoint.blog