Hostyle Gospel has works with some of top heavy hitters in the gospel world. KB, Flame, Da T.r.u.t.h, Mali Music, Bobby Jones, Gemstones and John Givez are a few names that the gospel group has rub elbows with on the stage or in the Studio at some point in their career. As Hostyle Gospel gets set to release their new single “I am not the One”, I set down and talked to Hostyle Gospel group member Big Job about life with the group, their upcoming projects and his struggles with self hatred.

Kevin: First things first, how are you doing and what is going on with Hostyle Gospel these days?

HG: For the most part we’ve been recording and writing new music.

Kevin: I recently listen to Skittles and Iced Tea ft. John Givez. The words are so impactful and paint the story of the state of our nation. What inspired you guys to make a song with that type of aggressive message?

HG: I guess I would have to say the timing of the events that were going on in America at that moment. The group as a whole talked about issue and felt that it was our job to try to stop some of the bleeding that our country was experiencing at that moment. Also we hated how the young black and brown people were being mistreatment in America.

Kevin: In the past, there was a perception that Christians shouldn’t talk about their political views in public. Nowadays, social media is full of Christians giving their opinions on political topics. Do you feel that Christians shouldn’t talk about politics or are you ok with them addressing issues occurring in our country?

HG: I think there are times to speak and there are times to hush. We elect officials to speak on our behalf of topics that we are concern with in regards to our country. Now, if that Official doesn’t do his or her job correctly according to the job description or misrepresent the country, then I feel you have an obligation as citizens of this country and members of the Christian family to speak out against that Official.

Kevin: Let’s talk about the new single, what is the name of the track, who is featured on it, and when can the public get a copy of it?

HG: The name of the Track is “I am Not the One” and there isn’t a feature on the track. As far as the date, all I can say is expect it to drop in the fall.

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