Pravin Mali

Based in Gujrat, Pravin Mali is an young politician whose passion is to make difference in the country and resolves people’s problems. Pravin constituted “Mali Samaj Yuva Sangathan” to bring youth forward to prevent unnecessary social virtual.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Social justice is a concept of a society in which every human being is treated justly, without discrimination based on financial status, race, gender, ethnicity, etc. Grace is a gift from God that we don’t deserve, which helps us choose the good, therefore it promotes social justice.

There have been issues of inequality for centuries such as oppression, discrimination, and prejudices. Who is responsible for people’s well-being, individuals, or society? The responsibility of a person’s well-being is societies as well as in individual. Social justice has always been an important value to me said Pravin Mali.

Pravins says if you think that everything has been taken care of by somebody and your contribution is not going to make much of a difference, then you’re wrong. Can you imagine if everyone else starts to think the same way? In fact, it is our responsibility to seek ways to contribute, large and small. You don’t have to be concerned you’re only capable of making small contributions. What counts is the effort.

Social justice and human rights have a shared goal: human dignity, equally for all. The issues that make social justice difficult to achieve, such as poverty, exclusion and discrimination are in direct contradiction with human rights, which apply to all individuals indiscriminately. When it comes to what is fair, everyone is owed basic things. Access to food, shelter, and clean water are the big three. In certain societies, these are often taken for granted among the majority of the population, but there are always gaps. A person’s religion is a central part of them, and freedom from religious discrimination falls right into the lap of social justice. Many countries have laws that discourage religious freedom, while others fail to enforce protections. Social justice advocates want all religions to be free and safe, including a person’s right to not follow any religion said Pravin.

Pravin advises before you engage in a conversation about race or social justice with your family, take a minute to consider your purpose. While things may get heated, you’re not here to argue. You’re here to spread love and awareness on a topic that’s important to you. You’re here to do the work and serve the cause by engaging with loved ones who need to learn a thing or two. Keeping a tight focus on your mission will help you stay calm and navigate any uncomfortable moments that might arise.

Social justice also prevents protects people from ageism . As people get older, they are often discriminated against simply because of their age. They might get fired from their job in favor of someone younger, or get treated with disrespect in their daily lives. Ageism, as a form of discrimination, falls under the scope of social justice.

You take into account what the problems are in this world and then hopefully choose one to solve. Making a difference won’t happen unless you remove your ego, remove self-interest and shoot for the stars. Making a difference in the world begins with the belief that you can do something that doesn’t just benefit yourself. You already have what it takes to make the world a better place. Making a difference to the world may seem like an enormous task, but it is in fact the collective effort of everyone to make small contributions with a lot of heart. The size of the contribution is not what matters most. The key here is to have the heart to do it he quoted.