A quote I love by Thornton Wilder is, “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

Having a grateful heart will help you handle all things that greet you in life, whether they are big or small. Whenever you have a grateful heart, you can give thanks even in the midst of great calamity.

To celebrate what is already good in your life and to look at the world with gratefulness, appreciation and possibility significantly raises your vibration. Meaning, according to the Law of Attraction, that you become a magnet for more good things.

Whether you have a little or a lot, there are always things to be grateful for; the air that you breathe, the people who love you, the food that you have to eat, the roof over your head. Even the very obvious, natural things we can take for granted, the ability to walk, or to see the world around you in full colour.

Open your heart to experience, share love and happiness with yourself and others. Take what speaks to you and integrate it into your life.

Be grateful for all the moments, small and big, and be mindful of the abundance you do have and truly celebrate your life.

Again, this will attract more of the things you love and enjoy to your experience. This mindset really is one of the most simple yet powerful things you can do to allow yourself a more positive outlook on life.

There are always things to be grateful for… like seeing the world around you in full color.

When you step back and look over your life, you will realise that you have gone through some low lows and some high highs, and all things in between, but you have made it through every single one of them, even the most challenging times. So far, you have had a 100% success rate!

So when things do go seemingly wrong, look for the lesson in what is happening and then let it go. It is very easy to get so caught up in the moment and make things much worse in our minds, whilst we are in the midst of situations that are seemingly chaotic.

When this happens, if we can pull our lens-of-perception back a bit, we are able to realise that this is just one more of those life lessons and that things will definitely be ok after it ends.

Avoid thinking, “why is this happening TO me?” Focus on, “why is this happening FOR me?” Then step out of the place of stress or fear, and actually look for what the situation is trying to teach you and be grateful for what the lesson is bringing you; a chance to evolve.

In my personal practice, I incorporate mindful gratitude daily. For example, when my children were much younger, I would ask them every night before they fell asleep, “what were your favourite 3 parts of the day?” Now that they are a bit older, we talk about the things that they are most grateful for in their day. Every night. It is our special “chat time” before bed. As a mother, knowing they are going to sleep with a grateful heart fills my own heart.

To help shift your mindset and vibration, I have found it helpful to keep a journal or notebook by your bed and just jot down 3 or 5 things you are truly grateful for every day. But you know what? Sometimes I am so spent after a full day that I am even too tired to look for a pen. If that’s the case, I will most certainly thank the Universe in my mind at the very least, for the things I am grateful for that day before I go to sleep. The intention and resulting mental shift is the same.

Filling your heart with gratitude will massively improve your life and the world around you.