Money touches all aspects of our life. 

Whether it’s the interest rate on the money you borrow or the goals you have for the investment, you’ll make much better decisions if you are equipped with the right tools at the right time. 

Sadly, a substantial portion of the global population lacks financial literacy. Take a look at these

numbers – 

Financial Literacy Month is observed throughout the month of April to recognize the importance of financial literacy. It originated in April 2004, in the USA, as a modification of Youth Literacy Day. The move stemmed from the need to share information about the methods and techniques that can aid individuals in becoming financially literate.

Financial Literacy Month promotes, advocates for, and supports financial literacy efforts and challenges individuals to evaluate their present economic conditions and improve them.

In this blog, Goodera has compiled a comprehensive list of non-profit organizations that assist individuals, families, and communities by helping them make better financial decisions and building security. If you would like to contribute to this cause, you could lend your support to these non-profits. Have a look- 

1. NASSCOM Foundation strives to empower lives using technology in India

With roots dating back to 2001, the NASSCOM Foundation has seen the power of technology transform societies for the last two decades. In keeping with its core philosophy of “TechForGood,” the foundation focuses on harnessing the power of technology by creating access and opportunity for those who need them most. 

They assist people and institutions in transforming the way they access social and economic opportunities through technology. Digital literacy, skill development, and women entrepreneurship are three of their key intervention areas. You can get in touch with the organization on their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.

2. Sandblast brings the voices and visions of the Western Sahara people to the fore

This organization is an art & human rights charity. Sandblast strives to promote the voices, visions, and dreams of the Saharawi from Western Sahara. They do so by providing platforms for Saharawi culture in Europe. The nonprofit works relentlessly to help these people develop new skills to express themselves and their culture.

To lend your support to this organization, you can shop from their gift shop or donate to their projects. Additionally, to stay connected, you can follow them on their social media channels, which include Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to their newsletter.

3. The One Billion aims to eradicate poverty and build a better world with abundant opportunities for all

With the vision of “empowering the most vulnerable among us to realize their dreams.” the One Billion organization was founded in 2020. The vision for the foundation was to empower those most vulnerable among us to achieve their dreams during a time of world upheaval and chaos. With skill development and better access to technology, they aim to relieve poverty and advance education. You can lend them a helping hand by becoming a volunteer

4. The Cause Collective works to build better living conditions for the Pacific peoples and South Auckland communities.

Cause Collective is a social change organization working for the well-being of Pacific communities and South Auckland residents. It approaches social change by integrating indigenous Pacific and Maori knowledge and prevention strategies. These guide their foundational understanding of well-being. The nonprofit focuses on employment opportunities and growth for youth. You can follow their work on their Facebook page. 

5. Ignite Mentoring empowers students to build a better future for themselves

The mission of Ignite Mentoring is to empower high school students. The organization aims to help students flourish. In its research, the organization realized that students from lower socio-economic backgrounds often do not enjoy easy access to opportunities that can boost their self-confidence. Unfortunately, these students have few resources to help them reach their full potential. Ignite Mentoring envisions a world in which these children feel valued, capable, and heard.

You can apply to become a mentor for their programs, partner with the nonprofit or explore their volunteering opportunities to help them grow as an organization and empower more students.

6. Ketharet Dawood NGO works to provide entrepreneurship support programs and educational programs

Through qualified curricula and trainers, Ketharet Dawood achieves its goals of empowering each individual’s capabilities and creating positive changes. Education, training, and economic empowerment are some of the areas in which the foundation offers community services. Furthermore, they believe in the potential of all individuals in all segments of society through activities aimed at children, youth, and women. You can follow their work on LinkedIn and Facebook. To get involved in their mission get in touch with the organization.

7. Microfinance Center promotes fairness, inclusion, equality, and responsible service

This nonprofit strives tirelessly to unite 95 organizations across 36 countries in Europe and Central Asia. Through their collaboration, they help to ensure responsible microfinance services to over 2,000,000 low-income borrowers. By providing sustainable social finance to individuals and communities, the organization endeavors to empower them. Their work can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also become a member and help them in their mission.

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month with Goodera

Using your finances to their fullest potential is an important life skill. The skill will serve you well wherever you go in the future. So, the more we learn about financial literacy now, the better prepared we will be for life’s challenges. 

Nonprofits such as these help children and adults to learn this skill. In order to spread the word on financial literacy far and wide, these non-profits work on improving financial health, reducing consumption, and managing personal debt. 

Goodera helps non-profits working in this area by providing a platform for their ideas. Not only with interviews or webinars but also by conducting various workshops and activities. 

We would love to feature your nonprofit. Talk to our team and share your impact story with us!


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