I’m a workaholic, it’s what I do and what I enjoy. But if you are anything like me, then you are never working on just one thing.

I work full-time at start-up while building my own. And if you’ve ever worked at a start-up, you know it’s not a 9–5. It’s all day. It’s a good product, it’s not my ‘work till I launch’ start up; I actually believe in the idea. So, I try to give it my 100%

But I love what I want to build too. I think Insaan Hoon, what I’m working on, has a ton of potential and can do wonders and it’s a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart.

So you know what that means? I work ALL the time. I’m exhausted and sometimes, Insaan Hoon & all other personal ideas suffer.

But I started this new thing sometime in the middle of 2015 and it’s about doing one thing at a time and then doing something that makes me smile.

Remember when you were younger and your parents always nagged you about finding a hobby, learning something new, reading, playing outside? It’s bringing that old practice back in your life.

I’ve learned that I can love my job as much as I love my idea but in the middle of that, I need to find something that infuses a different feeling in me.

It’s about having a variety of feelings and thoughts going on in your life; you’ll be amazed to see how much more productive you are when you learn from your other hobbies and ventures.

It’s kinda like the idea of authors getting away to different places to write because every new conversation, every new activity helps you connect your dots better.

My 2017 activity is going to be watching as many (off) broadway shows as possible. I wish I could tell you the energy I feel at a theater show; there is so much to learn. Every little piece, every small role is so key to the entire production. I’ve learned the importance of details, the importance of cohesiveness, the importance of audience engagement, the importance of being true to yourself because when I’m in the audience seat, all I thinking about is the character that I identify with and if I enjoyed the entire show.

Just like my customers do, did I give them something that was unique to them?

If you need encouragement to get out of your routine, remember, every experience helps make the current state stronger. And ever new year should see a stronger you.

Originally published at medium.com