Keeping a long distance relationship requires more than love alone. In this world full of temptations, it becomes more challenging each passing day to keep the relationship healthy. Many people will find it hard to survive the situation of being away from the person they are in love with and having to cope with the loneliness every day. Just like every other relationship, when partners’ emotions are not steady due to some reasons, distance relationships begin to fall apart, and the couples tend to fall out of love with each other which may lead to a breakup.

There are times when maintaining a long distance relationship becomes harder, and you find yourself less happy in the union, in such circumstance, it is time to call it quit. 

Relationship happens when two individuals mutually agree to compromise certain things about them to make it work. In every working distance relationship, there are routines that partners are often used to, maybe making long calls every night or Skype. If your partner has suddenly become too busy to maintain the routine or forgets, then it is a red flag, it is time to quit such a relationship.

It may sound awkward, but when there is an unexplainable change in couples routines, chances are one of the partners is seeing someone else or getting bored. Such changes can lead to loss of excitement to visit, lack of communication and feeling burdened by the relationship. All these are signs of a failing if not already failed relationship. If you feel any or all of these, it is time to check your relationship, and probably it is time to quit it.

It is one thing to know when to quit a relationship; it is another to live with the emotional trauma of the breakup. Relationship breakups often come with pain whether long distance or not; however, if you know breaking up with your partner is the best for you, then some tips can help in surviving long distance relationship breakups.

Don’t Stop Yourself from Grieving

Trying to stop yourself from crying when you break up your long distance relationship will do you more harm than good. Crying your heart out is one way of releasing yourself of all bottled emotions you may have for your partner. Don’t try to stop yourself, let it all out because after the crying, things will be more apparent and you see them differently.

Think about the Relationship

After a breakup, you need to give yourself time to think about the relationship. Access everything that happened during the duration of the relationship. Anything that can help you think, such as a watching a weepy movie or playing a sorrowful song, all these will make you cry, yea, you need it because it is all part of the weeping time. Give yourself the time to do all these, and after it, you will surely be okay again.

Cut all means of contact

Keeping a distance relationship means frequent communication via social media, which means you have a lot of memories on these social media platforms. One way of helping yourself to heal the breakup wound fast is keeping away from all the communication channels between you and your ex; this will keep you away from the memories you had while in the relationship also assist in getting over it fast.

Free Yourself of any Guilt

When a relationship breakup happens, there are often two sides to it. The one that was dumped and the one who dumped. The side you find yourself will not stop you from feeling guilty at some point after the breakup. That said, you shouldn’t be, the decision has been made, and no matter how guilty you may feel, it won’t rescue the relationship again, so you have to move on and free yourself of any guilt. Sometimes, your ex may want to blame you for the breakup and make you feel like the bad person; you have to make sure you shut down such attempts by blocking all communication channels.

Don’t forget that it is called a relationship, it is not something that one person can do, it requires the effort of both parties involved, and when it fails, it should also be the fault of both partners.


  • Cristina Herrera has  BA in Journalism. Her passion in life is to write meaningful stories and help others through her research and content. She truly believes that knowledge is power. When she is not at her desk, she likes to go reading.